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Pentecost Monday Links with Bonus Maikäfer

This year’s Nebula Awards have been handed out and my reactions are mixed. IMO the weakest book by far won in the best novel category – a pity because there were so many interesting nominees. But then Kim Stanley Robinson … Continue reading

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Last Ever Koniginnendag Linkdump

I don’t know how much press the abdication of the Dutch Queen Beatrix in favour of her son Prince, now King Willem-Alexander has gotten in the English speaking world (the Guardian seemed to think Amanda Knox was more interesting, which … Continue reading

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Linkdump – One hundred percent Hugo and Clarke Award free

The hits on my Hugo reaction link round-up have gone through the roof thanks to links from John Scalzi, James Nicholls, Liz Bourke, Jay Lake, Radish Reviews, SF Signal and others. I’ll do another link round-up about the reactions to … Continue reading

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More grimdark fantasy, boring literary fiction, the truth about the Amityville horror and cheese – it’s a Good Friday linkdump

We’re actually having snow for Easter this year, though at least the cold means that there’s no need to open the windows and that I’ll be spared the smoke from the annual Easter fire, a tradition I don’t mind, as … Continue reading

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Just a quick linkdump, cause I’m busy

The Guardian has an interview with Stephenie Meyer about Twilight, The Host, true love and feminism among other things. It’s an interesting interview – pity about the positively hateful comments. However, what bothers me a little is that Stephenie continues … Continue reading

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Still Snowy Linkdump

We still have snow and even got some new snow today, though it’s supposed to start melting tomorrow, most likely with freezing rain, too – brrr. And that on a day I’m supposed to go to Oldenburg. Anyway, I’ve got … Continue reading

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Back Again – and a Linkdump

Okay, so I’m back again from Scotland. Actually, I’ve been back for a few days now, but so far I’ve been too exhausted and busy to blog. Anyway, I had a really great time and took some lovely photos, which … Continue reading

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A Trio of Scandals and some Links

At the Pegasus Pulp blog, I chronicle the latest developments in the sockpuppet review scandal in a series of three posts and respond to some of the more hyperbolic sockpuppeting defenses, which liken being against fake sockpuppet reviews to being … Continue reading

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Just Cool Links

At the Guardian, Damien Walter points out that being male is not a prerequisite for writing hard SF. It’s a decent article, though IMO mentioning M. John Harrison in an article about women writing hard SF is not quite appropriate, … Continue reading

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A Writerly Linkdump

I know I haven’t been blogging in several days now, but I’ve been busy writing and revising my upcoming collection of short crime fiction. However, I’ve found a bunch of links to interesting writing advice around the net. But first … Continue reading

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