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Two Articles in One Day

I’m blogging elsewhere yet again and I had not one but two articles go up today. The first article is at Galactic Journey. It’s a follow-up piece to last month’s article about East and West German comics in the 1950s … Continue reading

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New Podcast Story Available at Simultaneous Times: “Patient X-5”

Well, I told you that there would be more new release announcements in the near future and here is one for the audio fiction fans among you. Because the latest episode of the Simultaneous Times podcast includes my story “Patient … Continue reading

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More Reactions to the 2020 Hugo Ceremony and a bit about the Retro Hugos

I’d hoped to get my comments on the generally excellent winners of the 2020 Hugo Awards up today (ETA: It’s here). However, this was not to be, for two days later we’re still talking about the neverending Hugo ceremony from … Continue reading

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Schrödinger’s Hugo Finalist – and Some Birthday Stuff

Hugo finalists are not exactly common in Germany (I think there are only three German Hugo finalists altogether and none of them live in North Germany). And so, I was interviewed/profiled by both local papers in my region last week. … Continue reading

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Introducing the 1945 Retro Hugo Spreadsheet and Retro Science Fiction Reviews

Anybody who has been following this blog for a while will know that I have been occasionally frustrated with the Retro Hugo Award finalists and winners, because all too often, people seem to be voting and nominating based on name … Continue reading

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A handy guide to all SFF-related posts and works of 2019

I never felt comfortable with eligibility posts, but I posted such an overview for the first time in 2016, when someone added my name to the Hugo Nominations Wiki. And since I’ve been doing it for three years now, I … Continue reading

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December Commercial Break

I have more posts coming up soon, including a long overdue multiple new release announcement as well as the announcement of a new project. However, if you’re looking for some cheap and free books (and who isn’t?), I have a … Continue reading

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Cora is elsewhere once again and shares a recipe

Yes, I will eventually post another post here. And in fact, I am currently working on a longer post about the latest reiteration of the science fiction versus fantasy debate that has broken out in the genre. I also have … Continue reading

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Cora is elsewhere yet again and recommends some books

As the title indicates, today I’m elsewhere on the internet again, namely at File 770, where I’m one of eighteen reviewers and fans from different European countries recommending their favourite recent-ish SFF books from their respective countries. The project was … Continue reading

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Cora time travels to 1964 and checks in on Perry Rhodan

Today, I’m over at Galactic Journey again with an article on the latest developments of Perry Rhodan – in 1964. It’s a follow-up to my earlier Perry Rhodan article from last July. In addition to the latest developments in Perry … Continue reading

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