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Happy New Year 2021

First of all, a happy new year to everybody who reads my blog! May 2021 be better than 2020 and bring you health, happiness and success! If you want to know what I’ve been up to in 2020, here is … Continue reading

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The Problem about “The Bells” and Game of Thrones That No One Talks About

A lot of people are angry about “The Bells”, the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, mostly with regard to the development of the character of Daenerys Targaryen. Warning: Spoilers behind the cut!

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A Classic North German Dish: Bremer Kükenragout

Time for another food post and a recipe. The background is that a few days ago, the local Bremen newspaper Weser-Kurier tweeted an image gallery of typical Bremer foods. I retweeted the gallery and got into a conversation with Paul … Continue reading

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Of False Memories and Explosions

Yesterday, I came across this article by Kate Lunau on Motherboard, in which psychologist Julia Shaw explains false memories and how they form. It’s a fascinating article, which also struck a chord with me, because I have a very vivid … Continue reading

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New Year 2017

Here in Germany, it has been 2017 has been here for about five hours now and on Times Square, that crystal ball should be dropping soon. But first, let’s have some photos of holiday decorations at Roland Center mall here … Continue reading

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Photos: Bremer Freimarkt 2016

On Wednesday, I took my annual stroll across the Freimarkt, Bremen’s annual autumn fair. The Bremer Freimarkt is one of the oldest fairs in Germany, held every year since 1035 AD, which makes 2016 the 981st reiteration. I’ve blogged about … Continue reading

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Sailor’s Curry – a curious Indian-German fusion dish

I don’t blog about food all that much, but today I want to share a personal favourite with you, namely the curious Indian-German fusion dish known as sailor’s curry or simply curry, if you’re from North Germany and grew up … Continue reading

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Photos: More Magical Hoarfrost

The snow and frost that held most of Germany in its grip last week is gone by now, but before it left, it still gave us a beautiful morning with bright blue skies and hoarfrost covered branches. Hoarfrost usually doesn’t … Continue reading

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Seasonal Views of Bremen 2015

Yesterday, I didn’t have school, so I took the chance to go to Bremen and take a stroll over the Christmas market. And since I was in Bremen already, I had lunch at the Übersee Restaurant, their lunch special of … Continue reading

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Too Many Deaths – Sir Christopher Lee, Wolfgang Jeschke, James Last and a couple of others

We only just lost Pierre Brice, but it seems the universe is conspiring to take away even more of our best and brightest, because the wave of deaths of much beloved celebrities continues unabated. The most discussed death today is … Continue reading

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