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Photos: Summery Views of Vechta

As longtime readers may remember, I taught at the University of Vechta for a while. And yesterday, I had the opportunity to teach in Vechta again, though not at the university this time, but at the St. Antoniushaus, a conference … Continue reading

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The Obligatory Birthday Post 2016

April 18 is my birthday. Though I didn’t get around to celebrate a whole lot today, because I had to work. And so I spent the whole afternoon teaching German as a second language to refugees. The class is brand … Continue reading

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J.G. Ballard, High-Rise and Brutalist architecture as instant dystopias

In the past few weeks, there has been a flurry of articles and posts about J.G. Ballard’s 1975 novel High-Rise, inspired by Ben Wheatley’s film adaptation, starring Tom Hiddleston, which opens in the UK this week, following a sort of … Continue reading

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Photos: Magical Hoarfrost

Our current cold spell is still continuing with temperatures as low as minus nine degrees Celsius last night. My students, who hail from Syria, Iran and Eritrea, are not used to such weather at all and a lot of them … Continue reading

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A new Helen Shepherd Mystery available: Mightier than the Sword

I had my last day of class for the year this Thursday. My students were actually disappointed that there won’t be any class until January, which is certainly a first. But that’s the difference between adults who actually want to … Continue reading

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A New Job and a Blast from the Past

I’m sorry that I’ve been scarce for a while, but this week I started a new job of sorts, teaching German to refugees. It’s very rewarding, but also quite stressful, particularly in the first week of class, where things haven’t … Continue reading

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SFWA – Almost as infuriating as Maischberger

For those confused about the title, Menschen bei Maischberger is a German TV talkshow where several guests talk about “current affairs” (which can mean anything from actual political issues to the dangers of New Age culture). In yesterday’s edition of … Continue reading

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Problematic content in English textbooks used at German schools

In the course of the teacher training class I currently teach at the University of Vechta, we looked at English textbooks used at German schools. Now textbooks have gotten a lot better since my day, when we sometimes had books … Continue reading

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Halloween and American Traditions in Germany

First of all, here is a plug: The cross publisher bundle of horror and dark fantasy fiction that Julie of Bards & Sages Publishing has set up at DriveThruFiction for Halloween is still available. The bundle includes Letters from the … Continue reading

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More Photos of Bremen in Summer

I was in town again today, because my aunt celebrated her birthday today, in the care home in the city centre where she lives. Because the cake I am inevitably forced to eat at such events does not satiate me, … Continue reading

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