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Convention Programming in the Age of Necromancy – A Short Story

In my blogpost about the 2018 July Short Story Challenge, I wrote that every year that challenge generates one or two stories that are not something I can publish either in e-book form or send to a magazine. Often, these … Continue reading

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And another new release: Operation Rubber Ducky

I said yesterday that there would be more new release announcements coming up and here is the next one. It’s another collection of short stories – three this time – to come out of the July Short Story Challenge, where … Continue reading

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Can’t you guys take a joke? – Policing women’s speech

Here in Germany, Walpurgisnacht, i.e. the night from April 30th to May 1st, is traditionally a time for partying and having fun, especially since the following day is a public holiday. Most of the time, that fun takes the form … Continue reading

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Sick of Summer Linkdump

Sorry for the lack of blogging these past two weeks, but I have not just been insanely busy ever since the summer holidays began, but I also caught a nasty summer flu bug last week and have been pretty sick. … Continue reading

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Quick Linkdump for my Dad’s Birthday

There’ll be more sexism in SF posts and more photos soon, but since this week is really horrible (last week of school will do that to you), here’s just a quick linkdump: First of all, I’ve been interviewed again, this … Continue reading

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Photos: Cuxhaven, Osten and the Elbe Marshlands

Today was Ascension Day a.k.a. Father’s Day, which is a public holiday in Germany. Ascension Day is traditionally a day for outings and day trips. The most notorious type of outing is the Father’s Day tour, where groups of men … Continue reading

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The Hobbit – Reenacted by Christmas Tree Ornaments

Like most everybody else in the geekosphere, my mind was very much on The Hobbit during this recent holiday season. And while decorating the Christmas tree (photos of the result are here), I noticed that we had a whole lot … Continue reading

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Winter is coming, the mice are on the loose

In case you’re waiting for photos from Scotland, you’ll have to wait another day. But instead, I’ve got a funny anecdote and some public service announcements: First of all, Amazon in its infinite wisdom decided to launch its Kindle store … Continue reading

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SF is dying – again – and gritty epic fantasy is gritty

It’s the time of year for the annual “SF is dying” lament again. This time around the chorus is led by Paul Kincaid, who reviews three “Year’s Best” anthologies and finds them lacking (too many old tropes, too many space … Continue reading

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Walpurgis Night Linkdump

Well, it was either Walpurgis Night or Koninginnedag. I’d actually hoped to announce a new release today, but OmniLit/AllRomance is having upload issues today, so have a linkdump instead: Ellen DeGeneres attempts to record the audio book edition of Fifty … Continue reading

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