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Two Articles in One Day

I’m blogging elsewhere yet again and I had not one but two articles go up today. The first article is at Galactic Journey. It’s a follow-up piece to last month’s article about East and West German comics in the 1950s … Continue reading

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Cora’s Adventures at the Virtual 2020 NASFiC and More Thoughts on Virtual Conventions

  In January of this year, there were four SFF conventions/events I was tentatively planning to attend, namely CoNZealand, the 2020 Worldcon, in Wellington, New Zealand, Futuricon, the 2020 Eurocon in Rijeka, Croatia, Hinterm Mond in Leer, East Frisia, and … Continue reading

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Cora’s Adventures at CoNZealand, the Virtual 2020 Worldcon, and Some Thoughts on Virtual Conventions in General

So far, I’ve talked a lot about the Hugo ceremony at CoNZealand, the virtual 2020 Worldcon, but little about the con itself, which is a pity, because CoNZealand was actually pretty good, all things considered. Normally, this would be a … Continue reading

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Cora’s Hugo Voter Packet – and Other Miscellaneous Hugo Stuff

The Hugo Voter Packet is slow to arrive this year, so several finalists in the fan categories have put their Hugo Voter Packets online for everybody to download and peruse. You can find the Hugo Voter Packets of fellow Best … Continue reading

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Cora is a Hugo Finalist!

As you probably know, the finalists for the 2020 Hugo Awards and the 1945 Retro Hugo Awards have just been announced. Both ballots are very good this year and I promise you that the detailed analysis of the finalists, which … Continue reading

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Cora time travels to 1965 and visits a space prison

I’m over at Galactic Journey again today, reviewing the 1965 science fiction novel The Escape Orbit a.k.a. Open Prison by James White as part of the February Galactoscope review round-up. Furthermore, Rosemary Benton reviews another 1965 science fiction novel, Space … Continue reading

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A handy guide to all SFF-related posts and works of 2019

I never felt comfortable with eligibility posts, but I posted such an overview for the first time in 2016, when someone added my name to the Hugo Nominations Wiki. And since I’ve been doing it for three years now, I … Continue reading

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The Women Science Fiction Fans Don’t See

Today, I’m over at Galactic Journey again, where I review the 1964 science fiction books, Message from the Eocene and Three Worlds of Futurity, both by Margaret St. Clair as part of the December Galactoscope. Furthermore, our editor Gideon Marcus … Continue reading

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Cora time travels to 1964 and checks in on Perry Rhodan

Today, I’m over at Galactic Journey again with an article on the latest developments of Perry Rhodan – in 1964. It’s a follow-up to my earlier Perry Rhodan article from last July. In addition to the latest developments in Perry … Continue reading

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Time Travel, Bond Rip-offs and the Fashion for Folksy Rural Themes in the 1960s

Blogging has been light over here for the past two weeks or so, but today I am over at Galactic Journey again, where I review the post-apocalyptic novel Davy by Edgar Pangborn in a double post together with Victoria Silverwolf, … Continue reading

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