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Story trumps science, every time

The SF Signal Mind Meld asks several SF writer how important plausible science is for science fiction. The consensus is: Yes, plausible science is somewhat important, but characters, plot and storytelling are more important. This shouldn’t come as a surprise … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks, Rita nominations, lots of e-book links and democracy at work?

I’m busy today, so here’s a linkdump. Lots of e-book and indie publishing links as well as some other stuff: Everybody is talking about Barry Eisler and Amanda Hocking,now they talk to each other. Damien Walter briefly touches upon indie … Continue reading

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My Mom’s Birthday

March 28th is my Mom’s birthday, so I spent a significant part of the day first at an Italian restaurant and then at my parents’ house. I also got one of those “need it yesterday, if possible” translation rush jobs. … Continue reading

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Being Anosmic

A recent study has discovered that people who are unable to feel pain due to a genetic defect are also anosmic, i.e. unable to small anything. I find this rather interesting, because I happen to be anosmic, though I am … Continue reading

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Stuck in a parked car at midnight

I actually have a longer post partly drafted, but I don’t have the energy to finish and post it tonight. Because tonight the daylight saving time changeover night, hence the night is one hour shorter anyway. Which infuriates me, because … Continue reading

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Friday e-book links

I don’t have a whole lot of time tonight, so here are some e-book links in lieu of a proper post: Yet another established author is leaving traditional publishing behind in favour of indie publishing. This time it’s historical romance … Continue reading

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A Fire and Some Writing Links

Today, my evening was interrupted by this fire or rather the resulting smoke and sirens. The fire is within easy walking distance of my home. I could even see the smoke plume and of course hear the sirens and the … Continue reading

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Last of the Great Hollywood Divas

Or should that rather be “divae”? Anyway, Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday aged 79. I first heard it on the radio, while driving home from school. The radio obituary made a really dumb error, too. They said that Liz Taylor had … Continue reading

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Book fair interviews, sex scenes, tragic endings, Tarzan and cultural omnivores – yes, it’s another linkdump

Today is another linkdump day, sorry. It was either that or a rant about the blind techno-optimism of certain SF writers regarding nuclear power, which I would probably delete thirty seconds after posting once I realized that calling some author … Continue reading

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Leipzig Book Fair interviews, sexualized urban fantasy heroines, lost exchange students, blogs and e-book prices – yes, it’s a linkdump

Since I’ve been busy building up the Buhlert Web Empire and lending some moral support to a relative in a difficult situation, today’s post is a linkdump. But then, the Internet has been serving up some very tasty links of … Continue reading

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