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Retro Review: “Exile” by Edmond Hamilton

Now that we’re waiting for the finalists for the 1945 Retro Hugos to be announced, let’s take the time to look at some of the finalists for previous years of Retro Hugos. I’ll start off with “Exile”, a science fantasy … Continue reading

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Redemption Arcs and Yet More Complaints about Star Trek Discovery

Yes, I know that I already complained at length about Star Trek Discovery, but I’m not quite done yet. In fact, I’m surprised how strongly I feel about about this, since until last week, I thought I was done with … Continue reading

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The Silencer returns in “Fact or Fiction”

I’ve been somewhat quiet on this blog of late, because I spent the whole of July doing a writing challenge, which involved writing a short story per day. I pulled it off, too, and blogged about my experiences over at … Continue reading

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Meet My Character, Richard Blakemore

“Meet my Character” is a new blog hop similar to the speculative fiction blog hop, only that it allows a writer to introduce a particular character. I already took part in this blog hop, introducing Holly di Marco from the … Continue reading

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Some Remarks on the 2013 Ingeborg Bachmann Prize

First of all, the good news. The Ingeborg Bachmann prize is safe (Warning: Really creepy commentary by Jörg Haider supporters at that link). Though some still worry about the role of cultural programming in Austrian public TV in general. What … Continue reading

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Football and other links of interest

More photos coming tomorrow, but today I’m starting with a subject that rarely comes up in this blog, namely sports, more precisely football (or soccer to the Americans among you). But here in Bremen, this really is the biggest news … Continue reading

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Another genre dust-up and the growing disenchantment with Downton Abbey

Yesterday night, I finished the first draft of a short story called Dream Job. Most of the time, I submit new short stories to various magazines first before e-publishing them myself (all but two of my e-books are backlist stories). … Continue reading

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Round-up of Responses to VS Naipaul

A few days ago, I blogged about VS Naipaul’s blanket dismissal of women writers. There are a couple of responses to Naipaul’s misogynist remarks:

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Writing Links for the Weekend

I came across some really good writing posts and articles of late, so have some links:

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Okay, so the whole Internet hasn’t shut down after all

All right, so I did find three interesting posts after all: Mark Charan Newton wonders why secondary world fantasy usually has quasi-medieval settings and why secondary world fantasy is perceived as less relevant than SF. Some nice discussion going on … Continue reading

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