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Dispelling More Misconceptions About the Golden Age

Approximately, two weeks ago I wrote a post about the 1944 Retro Hugo finalists in the novelette category and how those stories show that the so-called Golden Age of science fiction was a lot more diverse than most people assume. … Continue reading

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A New Cover and a New German Short Story Available – Ein neues Cover und eine neue Kurzgeschichte auf Deutsch erhältlich: Der Lohn des Henkers

There will be a few new release announcements in the next days and weeks, since I’m currently editing my way through the backlog of stories I wrote during the 2017 July short story challenge. However, today’s double announcement has nothing … Continue reading

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“Heartache” has a gorgeous new cover and Cora celebrates an anniversary

There’ll be a few promotional posts this long holiday weekend, so I’ll just preemptively ask everybody to bear with me, especially since there will be other content as well. First of all, Heartache, my collection of three short stories of … Continue reading

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And still more Hugo and WorldCon Analysis

It’s been three weeks now, since the 2014 Hugos were awarded at LonCon3 and yet we’re still talking about both.

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Mid June Linkdump

At Slate, M.R. Carey gets into the neverending literary versus genre fiction debate, belatedly responding to the attacks on genre fiction by Arthur Krystal (see my posts here and here) and Edward Docx (see my post here). At Bookworm Blues, … Continue reading

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Can’t you guys take a joke? – Policing women’s speech

Here in Germany, Walpurgisnacht, i.e. the night from April 30th to May 1st, is traditionally a time for partying and having fun, especially since the following day is a public holiday. Most of the time, that fun takes the form … Continue reading

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Two gorgeous new fantasy covers

I should actually have a new release to announce in the very near future, but for now feast your eyes on these gorgeous new covers for two of my existing fantasy stories. You can see the covers under the cut … Continue reading

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Too tired to blog, so here’s something pretty

Proper blogging will resume soon, but last week was really crazy. This week started out quieter, but then something really unpleasant happened, which pretty much ruined my sleep last night and left me rather zombified today. So instead, here is … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the 2013 Nebula Nominees

The nominees for the 2013 Nebula Awards have been announced. Once again, it looks like a good and pleasantly diverse shortlist with lots of women and writers of colour included. But then, the Nebulas have generally been better with regards … Continue reading

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Two not so new stories and a new cover

It’s that time of the month again, where I announce the latest Pegasus Pulp releases. For starters, if you’ve been visiting the Pegasus Pulp site lately, you may have noticed that the site now has a series of brand new … Continue reading

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