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Salman Rushdie is being controversial again, the Booker Prize shortlist is too readable and a headline from a parallel universe

In a lengthy interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretz Salman Rushdie talked about a lot of things such as the fatwah against him, the persecution of writers worldwide, the Arab Spring, the upcoming film adaption of Midnight’s Children – oh … Continue reading

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More responses to Orson Scott Card, the typo of the week and lots of e-publishing links

The Outer Alliance has a round-up of responses to Orson Scott Card’s latest outbreak of chronic homophobia. The laugh of the weekend is provided by contemporary romance writer Susan Andersen or rather her publisher who has hit her latest novel … Continue reading

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Of Thunderstorms and Deceased Comedians

Amazon finally sent me an e-mail that they are on the case of my missing e-book. So maybe I will have an official announcement later this week. Meanwhile, the story is already available at OmniLit/AllRomance ebooks and XinXii. I also … Continue reading

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Searchterm Weirdness August Edition

Looking through the terms people typed into their favourite search engine to get here is always a fascinating glimpse into other people’s brains. For example, I always had the sneaking suspicion that many people subscribe to HBO not so much … Continue reading

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Two funnies and a writing link

I’m still rather busy, with stuff about which I will be able to say more soon. So have a few links instead: I love Lynn Viehl’s response to the recent kerfuffle about some local politico from Minnesota calling Neil Gaiman … Continue reading

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Fictional Riches

Who would have thought that Forbes Magazine, that indispensable prop carried around by business students hoping to impress girls (I was that girl and distinctly unimpressed), had a sense of humour? But they obviously do, since they published this list … Continue reading

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Yes, we had electricity back in the dark ages

One of my students has recently become obsessed with The Poseidon Adventure (a.k.a the disaster film about the capsizing luxury cruise ship). He keeps drawing the Poseidon about to be hit by the monster wave and fantasizes about making a … Continue reading

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New Ways of Mispronouncing “Duke”

For some reason, Germans have incredible problems pronouncing the word “Duke”, probably because the [dju] combination does not normally occur in German. To date, my favourite mispronunciation happens in the German crime thriller Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse (Dr. Mabuse … Continue reading

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German TV Parodies… and Authorized Slash!

This is hilarious. Clips from classic German TV shows reassembled and redubbed at ZDF mashups. I particularly love the slashy take on Derrick. I mean, it’s a slashy video featuring two beloved TV characters, not just authorized by the copyright … Continue reading

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Fire, Pulp and Romance

First the good news, the Moerdijk fire I mentioned in my post yesterday is under control. Locals are still warned to keep their doors and windows closed and not to eat vegetables grown in the open. Shipping on the Hollandse … Continue reading

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