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A Big Dump of Mixed Links

Somebody found my blog today by googling “cora buhlert sexy pics”. Now I’m torn between wondering who would be looking for sexy pics of my little old self on the internet and what exactly they were hoping to find. The … Continue reading

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Photos of Bath

Today is sartorias a.k.a. Sherwood Smith’s birthday, so as a virtual present here are some photos I took during a trip to Bath, historic British spa town best known as the setting of some of Jane Austen’s novels and countless … Continue reading

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Hugo – The Devolution of a Trend Cocktail

I first came across the fashionable cocktail called Hugo in one of the trendier restaurants in town* (not my preferred hangout at all – I was there at the request of someone else) when I spotted what looked like a … Continue reading

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New Entries into Old Conversations

The science fiction and fantasy genres have the tendency to have the same conversations over and over again, often for decades on end. There is the classic genre versus literary fiction debate, which never goes out of style, the evergreen … Continue reading

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Eurovision revisited and more feminism and music links

First of all, there is an addendum to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, for Thomas Schreiber, the guy in charge of entertainment at the public TV channel ARD and therefore ultimately responsible for the German entry to the Eurovision Song … Continue reading

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Cora’s Reflections on Doctor Who – Nightmare in Silver

As I’ve mentioned before, I gave up regularly watching Doctor Who sometime towards the end of the Tennant era. Nonetheless, I come back for the occasional really special episode. And last Saturday’s episode Nightmare in Silver promised to be one … Continue reading

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Pentecost Monday Links with Bonus Maikäfer

This year’s Nebula Awards have been handed out and my reactions are mixed. IMO the weakest book by far won in the best novel category – a pity because there were so many interesting nominees. But then Kim Stanley Robinson … Continue reading

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Danish Waif Wins Eurovision Song Contest or Thor II: The Musical

I almost forgot this was on and spent the first half of the evening watching something else, but while channel flipping during a commercial break, I suddenly realized that the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest was on tonight, broadcast live from … Continue reading

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Photos: Bremen Harbour

As promised, here is the second part of the photos I took during my recent excursion to the Walle neighbourhood of Bremen. Part 1 was devoted to the 19th century Walle Cemetery, while part 2 covers photos of the Bremen … Continue reading

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Football and other links of interest

More photos coming tomorrow, but today I’m starting with a subject that rarely comes up in this blog, namely sports, more precisely football (or soccer to the Americans among you). But here in Bremen, this really is the biggest news … Continue reading

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