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Brief Update from Ireland

Just a brief post to let you know that I arrived safely in Dublin yesterday. The weather is nice and sunny, much better than at the Royal Wedding apparently. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi is only available in the hotel lobby. What is … Continue reading

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Up and Away

From tomorrow on, I will be in Ireland until Tuesday, May 2nd. I’ll take my netbook along and will try to make the occasional post. Nonetheless, blogging will be light, since I don’t yet know how the Wi-Fi connectivity is … Continue reading

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Doctor Who and its problematic message to girls

As you may know, I used to be a Doctor Who fan. I got into the original series when a friend hooked me up with some videos. Naturally, I was excited when the new series started back in 2005. I … Continue reading

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More awards geekery, writing and indie publishing links

It’s definitely awards season, for the Bafta TV Awards nominations for the best British TV programs have been announced as well. The full list of nominees is here. I’m pleased to see my current favourite TV show, Misfits, getting a … Continue reading

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Easter Linkdump

The longer post I have been working on still isn’t finished, so here is an Easter linkdump: Kate Griffin on why she writes fantasy. Found via Josh Vogt. At Grasping for the Wind, Keith Brooke of Infinity Plus wonders what … Continue reading

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2011 Hugo Nominations

The Hugo Award nominations for 2011 have been announced. As with this year’s Nebula Awards, we have a nicely diverse slate of nominees in the fiction categories. There are women nominated in all fiction categories and for the Campbell Award, … Continue reading

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More epic fantasy, military SF, invisible friends, Sarah Jane Smith and the awesome women of SF

The current debate about epic fantasy is still raging, fueled by the premiere of the Game of Thrones TV adaption. Now, even the creator himself speaks, for George R.R. Martin breaks his policy not to respond to reviews and weighs … Continue reading

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More Game of Thrones Reactions

The uproar about the negative reviews of the TV adaption of A Game of Thrones at the New York Times and Slate is still going on (you can read my take here).

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Maikäfer flieg…

Today, I found the first Maikäfer of the year. The literal translation of the name would be “may bug”, though apparently the English name is the much less poetic cockchafer, which sounds vaguely like an STD. Here in Germany, the … Continue reading

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Good Friday Linkdump

The Easter weekend is almost upon us and I am busy with other stuff, so here’s a linkdump: At Grasping for the Wind, urban fantasy writer J.A. Pitts discusses the necessity of (metaphorical) blindness for writers in order to get … Continue reading

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