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Gloom and Doom post over at Pegasus Pulp

I don’t have a post here today, but I just wanted to make a quick shout out to my latest post over at the Pegasus Pulp blog with links to and analysis of several gloom and doom “Wah, the book … Continue reading

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Of Brides and Bikers

Today, I visited the annual Oldenburg Motorbike Show with my Dad. Apparently, this is the sixteenth year of the show and I have been visiting the event almost as long. Check out my post on last year’s show. There usually … Continue reading

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Site redesign and a new story: The Apocalypse Protocol

You may have noticed some changes to the site, because with my growing backlist (13 e-books and counting), the old books page was getting crowded. Hence, I now have a new books page with links to genre pages, which in … Continue reading

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Report Day Links

Today is report day, i.e. the students get their report cards, which also means a long weekend, because school doesn’t start up again until next Wednesday. And since today was the last day before the reports and the last session … Continue reading

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Yet More on the Review Uproar

There is yet more on the current review controversy. So here is a whole lot of links on all sides of the issue:

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More on the Reviews Dust-up

Yesterday’s post on genders and reviews got quite a bit of attention. So here are a couple of addenda to the Strange Horizons/A Theft of Swords part of the discussion:

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Gender and Review Bias – 2012 Edition

Jennifer Weiner retackles the subject of major newspapers such as the New York Times ignoring women writers in their review sections, offering up plenty of data. There’s a shout-out to the New York Times‘s weirdly condescending portrait of Amanda Hocking … Continue reading

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Reconsidering my place in the local literary scene

After two days of concentrated teen drama (two fifth-graders hitting each other with fallen branches found in the schoolyard and a crying fourteen-year-old lamenting that nobody likes her), I spent last night at the bilingual Brückenschläge reading at the Café … Continue reading

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Internet Blackout Day and an event

Upon arriving at this blog, you will probably have noticed a strange splash page, because this blog is participating in the internet strike against the American SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Don’t worry, the site will continue to be accessible … Continue reading

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Some Musings on the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes have been awarded and once again prove how completely out of touch I am with what is considered good film and television these days. Because I have no idea what half the nominated films and TV shows … Continue reading

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