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Cora goes to Osnabrück and discovers a new genre name

I’ve been absent for three days now, because it’s been a busy week. Besides, I took the day off on Wednesday to take the train to Osnabrück, a city approximately 120 kilometers to the southwest of Bremen. I really like … Continue reading

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Events, Plugs and Links

If you’re in the Bremen area, Elke Marion Weiss will be presenting her new crime novel Die ungewisse Reise nach Samarkand at the Krimibibliothek at the Bremer Stadtbibliothek at 6:30 tonight. Heartache is the featured new release at the Short … Continue reading

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Remembering Neil Armstrong

I guess everybody has heard by now that Neil Armstrong, the first human to set foot onto the surface of the Moon, died yesterday aged 82. I wasn’t alive when Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon on July 20, 1969. … Continue reading

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Late August Links

I seem to have caught some kind of bug, because I haven’t been feeling well these past few days. Plus, I managed to scald myself with hot tea today, when the handle broke off my tea cup and the contents … Continue reading

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New Collection Available: Heartache

Yeah, these announcements are coming hard and fast at the moment (there’ll be more soon). But then I have summer holidays at the moment and the extreme heat of the past few days made it impossible to work anywhere except … Continue reading

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Two Book Cover Links and Two Notable Deaths

The Guardian has an interesting article about twenty different theories of book cover design, mostly of the abstract kind. I like quite a few of those, though my own covers tend more towards the concrete. More book cover talk: Shannon … Continue reading

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Just Cool Links

At the Guardian, Damien Walter points out that being male is not a prerequisite for writing hard SF. It’s a decent article, though IMO mentioning M. John Harrison in an article about women writing hard SF is not quite appropriate, … Continue reading

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Cora comments on the Olympic closing ceremony

Well, I did the opening ceremony, so it seems only fair that I do the closing ceremony as well. I didn’t see the beginning, because I was watching something else at the time, but this time around I actually lasted … Continue reading

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New Collection Available: Murder in the Family

I have a new e-book out, a collection of nine short crime stories in the style of the “abgeschlossene Kurzkrimis” (self-contained crime shorts) that used to be found (and still are on occasion) in the backpages of German magazines. So … Continue reading

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Hannover Photos Part 2 – Official Buildings, Monuments and Modern Architecture

Here’s the second installment of my series of photos taken during my recent trip to Hannover. Part 1 is here. There’s a lot of official buildings in this post, because Hannover was a longterm ducal residence, an independent kingdom for … Continue reading

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