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Gotham, Agent Carter and expanding universes

We’re currently experiencing something of a golden age of comic book adaptations both on the big and the small screen. As a longtime comic book reader, I’m thrilled about this, though I realise not everybody is. For example, I just … Continue reading

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Back from Birmingham, mixed announcements and some brief thoughts on Doctor Who

As the title indicates, I’m back from Birmingham. That is, actually I came back on Wednesday (on a 7 AM flight – ugh), but I’ve been too tired and busy for blogging until now. There’ll be more observations and photos … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Scandals

March 8 is International Women’s Day. Time to talk about awesome women, even though at least the SFF community is still stuck talking about a man. International Women’s Day has never been a big deal in Germany, even though the … Continue reading

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The media spin machine at full power or This is totally not what happened

We’re still talking about the eight hour stint of Jonathan Ross as Hugo host and indeed the debate about the whole issue has now lasted much longer than Jonathan Ross ever was the official Hugo host (for my previous posts … Continue reading

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More on Jonathan Ross and the Hugos

The debate about Jonathan Ross and his brief reign as Hugo Awards presenter is still going on and has in fact lasted longer now than Ross has actually had the job. Still, while I’m waiting for the Oscars to begin … Continue reading

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The eight-hour Hugo host

It’s certainly hard to be an SFF fan these days, since the genre can’t seem to go two weeks without a major uproar. This latest go-around started around noon on Saturday. I’d just had lunch and went onto the Internet … Continue reading

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Prequel

The BBC has released a mini-prequel to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. We get a few glimpses of the time war, plus seventeen years after the 1996 TV movie and eight years after the premiere of the new series … Continue reading

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A Good Cause, Women in SF, the Nobel Prize for Literature and Lost Doctor Who Found

I’m a bit tired today, because a quick excursion to pick up a WiFi repeater and some other stuff turned into an extended odyssey thanks to a traffic jam on the highway that forced me into the East Bremen area … Continue reading

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Back from the UK plus some random observations about Norfolk, TV and the elections

Okay, so I’m back from Norfolk. Actually, I got back late Wednesday evening, but I needed yesterday to take care of things that didn’t get done while I was gone. I also took lots of photos, so there will be … Continue reading

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Rise of the Valeyard

The BBC has announced who will play the Twelfth Doctor and has chosen Scottish actor Peter Capaldi. Now Capaldi is undoubtedly a fine actor and supposedly a fan. Nonetheless, I think it’s a horrible decision. Part of the reason for … Continue reading

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