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Winter is coming, the mice are on the loose

In case you’re waiting for photos from Scotland, you’ll have to wait another day. But instead, I’ve got a funny anecdote and some public service announcements: First of all, Amazon in its infinite wisdom decided to launch its Kindle store … Continue reading

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Genre versus Literary Fiction, Round 715

Apparently, it’s that time of the year again, for we’re having our semi-annual genre versus literary fiction debate. Oh yes, and science fiction is still dying of exhaustion as well, though that’s material for another post. This time around, the … Continue reading

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Back Again – and a Linkdump

Okay, so I’m back again from Scotland. Actually, I’ve been back for a few days now, but so far I’ve been too exhausted and busy to blog. Anyway, I had a really great time and took some lovely photos, which … Continue reading

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In Aberdeen

As the headline says, I’m currently in Scotland in the city of Aberdeen. Sorry about the extended radio silence, but the hotel only offers 30 minutes of free WiFi per day and that is primarily reserved for important e-mails, crucial … Continue reading

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Gone Away Linkdump

From tomorrow on I’ll be in the UK for a couple of days. In urgent cases, I can still be contacted via e-mail or cellphone. And the office is still occupied in case someone desperately needs to get hold of … Continue reading

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Autumn Impressions: Solling and Weserbergland

Because the weather was quite decent today, we took a trip upstream the river Weser into the Solling and Weserbergland regions approximately 200 kilometers south of Bremen to admire the autumn leaves. Initially, I had debated whether to go along, … Continue reading

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We won the Nobel Peace Prize

This morning, I was quite stunned to hear on the radio that I had won the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. Because in the extremely unlikely event that I should ever win a Nobel Prize, I would have bet on literature … Continue reading

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Traffic Gridlock Linkdump

Tonight I had to go into town for the monthly translators’ meet-up and wanted to pick up some books from an acquaintance from university beforehand. However, there was a big problem, because seven trucks crashed into each other on the … Continue reading

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On Missile Hill

In the village of Gessel-Leerßen near the town of Syke, there is an elevation called Hoher Berg (High mountain). “High” in this case meaning 58.5 meters above sea level. Nonetheless, the Hoher Berg is the highest elevation in the area, … Continue reading

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The German Book Award or Let’s all praise middle class mediocrity

The 2012 German Book Award has been awarded to Ursula Krechel for her novel Landgericht (District Court) and it turns out that I am psychic. Yes, it’s true. I predicted last month that Ms. Krechel would win the award. But … Continue reading

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