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Semiprozine Spotlight: Wyngraf Magazine of Cozy Fantasy

The Semiprozine Spotlight project never quite took off the way the Fanzine/Fancast Spotlights and Non-fiction Spotlights did, probably because semiprozine editors are very busy people. Still, I am continuing the project as interviews come in. For more about the Semiprozine … Continue reading

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Look What the Mailman Brought Me

And yes, our current mail person is a man. Anyway on Thursday, the mailman brought me a padded envelope, which contained the following: It’s my 2022 Hugo finalist certificate, Hugo pin, badge ribbon as well as the invitations for the … Continue reading

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2022: A Hugo Odyssey

As you probably know, I won a Hugo. However, because Worldcon was in Chicago this year, the trophy was also in Chicago, while I was in Germany. Based on observations from previous years, I expected that it would take a … Continue reading

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Some Comments on the 2022 Hugo Award Winners and the Hugo Ceremony in General

Now that I have somewhat recovered from the excitement of the past few days, here is the detailed Hugo commentary I promised you. The full list of 2022 Hugo winners may be found here and the detailed voting and nomination … Continue reading

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Cora is a Three-Time Hugo Finalist!

As you probably know, the finalists for the 2022 Hugo Awards have just been announced. And I promise you that the detailed analysis of the finalists, which I know you’re all waiting for, is coming as soon as I can … Continue reading

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Fanzine Spotlight: Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

I initially started the Fanzine/Fancast Spotlight project to highlight Hugo-eligible fanzines, fansites and podcasts. For more about the Fanzine/Fancast Spotlight project, go here. You can also check out the other great fanzines and fancasts featured by clicking here. The Hugo … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the 2022 Hugo Finalists, Whoever They May Be

This is an updated repost of this post from last year, which a lot of people found helpful. Nominations for the 2022 Hugo Awards closed yesterday and the finalists are expected to be announced sometime in April. Right now, no … Continue reading

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Introducing Non-Fiction Spotlights

Last year, I started the Fanzine/Fancast Spotlight project to highlight the many worthy fanzines, blogs and fancasts are out there. Originally, that project was intended to coincide with the nomination period for the 2021 Hugo Awards. However, I have been … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the 2021 Hugo Award Winners and the Ceremony in general

The latest Star Trek Discovery and Hawkeye reviews is coming, but for now, let’s talk about the 2021 Hugo Award winners. I’d hoped to get this post up a few days ago, but I was busy, so it’s a few … Continue reading

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A Trio of Public Service Announcements regarding the Hugos and Other Stuff

As the title says, this post is a trio of brief public service announcements. For starters, voting for the 2021 Hugo Awards closes today. So if you’re a member of DisCon III and haven’t voted yet, you still have a … Continue reading

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