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The internet is still on holiday – and I’m being stalked by my least favourite Star Trek episode

The rest of the internet is still off celebrating memorial day or arguing at Wiscon and the unpleasant heat today has fried my brain, so I’m not really in the mood for clever posting. Have you ever experienced the phenomenon … Continue reading

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Headline of the Day

Who could resist clicking on a headline like ‘Sea Monster’ Discovered Beneath Brooklyn Bridge? Not me certainly. Of course, the article is from the Fox News website, so it’s to be taken with several grains of salt. Plus, the alleged … Continue reading

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Okay, so the whole Internet hasn’t shut down after all

All right, so I did find three interesting posts after all: Mark Charan Newton wonders why secondary world fantasy usually has quasi-medieval settings and why secondary world fantasy is perceived as less relevant than SF. Some nice discussion going on … Continue reading

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The Internet has shut down for the weekend – and some other crap

The internet seems to have been largely shut down this weekend, because the Americans are off celebrating one of those American-only holidays and much of the online speculative fiction community is hanging out at Wiscon. Since there’s not much going … Continue reading

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A Clockwork Orange forty years on – and its parallels to Misfits

As of yesterday, I can strike another film from my “Must watch someday” list, because I finally managed to see A Clockwork Orange. I read the book by Anthony Burgess years ago, but I never saw the film until now, … Continue reading

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I’m really tired, so here’s just a quick link for today: Lynn Viehl has a great post on snakes in the grass and writing villains at Paperback Writer.

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Dust Storm Linkdump

I’m tired tonight and not feeling too well and the storm that started up this afternoon has given me one hell of a headache. The storm was odd from the beginning. It began brewing this afternoon, during my afternoon class. … Continue reading

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Predictable Urban Fantasy Bashing – the female edition

In the SFF community, the neverending genre versus literary debate has given way to the equally persistent but not quite so enduring slugfest of “Let’s all bash urban fantasy, because it has relationships and – gasp – sex and is … Continue reading

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I’m a clumsy oaf

I really seem to have contracted the clumsiness virus (well, at least it’s not EHEC), because after slipping on the stairs and spraining my ankle on Saturday, I managed to bump into and break an open window today, because I … Continue reading

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An SFnal Linkdump

At school, I was able to squeeze in some creative writing today into one of my afternoon classes. The textbook requires us to discuss travel and adventure stories and the students were supposed to write an adventure story of their … Continue reading

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