Old Mommark’s Tale

Old Mommark's Tale by Cora BuhlertIn a tavern on Tortuga, the pirate Old Mommark recalls an adventure of his youth and tells a tale of an uncharted island, a great treasure, the gruesome Captain Scarlet and the even more gruesome monster that dragged him to his doom. But is it a true story or just sailor’s yarn, spun under the influence of too much rum?





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Some background information:

  • Old Mommark’s Tale is a short story of 3800 words. This story is a digital premiere and has never been published previously.
  • I wrote the story in response to Joe Konrath’s eight-hour e-book challenge. I don’t know if it really took me eight hours to write, format and publish the book, since I took breaks inbetween. But at any rate, the turnaround was very quick.
  • This story was inspired by a piece of concept art, which you can see here. I often use pictures, whether photos, concept art, old book and magazine covers, etc… for inspiration, particularly when I need a story idea on the fly. In this case, I looked through the folder of inspirational images on my harddrive to see if anything sparked an idea.
  • The narrator, Old Mommark, was named after a brand of Danish cheese, which in turn was named after a Danish town. I always thought the name of the cheese sounded like that of an old pirate.
  • The cover image is stock art by Michael Seibt.

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