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Last Ever Koniginnendag Linkdump

I don’t know how much press the abdication of the Dutch Queen Beatrix in favour of her son Prince, now King Willem-Alexander has gotten in the English speaking world (the Guardian seemed to think Amanda Knox was more interesting, which … Continue reading

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Women in Speculative Fiction, News on the Grimdark Debate and the Unsung Heroes of German Literature

Strange Horizons is once again fighting the good fight and has broken down book reviews in major SFF venues by gender of the author and reviewer. The results are still largely discouraging. At Salon, Alex Heimbach also reports on the … Continue reading

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Springtime at Wolfskuhle Park

The Wolfskuhle (literally “wolf pit”) is a park in a South Bremen neighbourhood. Wolfskuhle Park is something of a green oasis in a neighbourhood clogged with residential buildings, large retail stores and a major hospital. Never mind that the park … Continue reading

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The Last of Miss Sookie Stackhouse

I was in town today to visit my aunt at the care home where she lives. And since I was in town already, I also picked up a really cute Yoda t-shirt (In summer, I often wear t-shirts with movie, … Continue reading

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Thor or the Thorny Issue of the God of Thunder

Yesterday, I ended up watching Thor with a friend, since neither of us had seen it before. Now Thor is among my least favourite Marvel heroes along with Captain America and the Punisher. My initial introduction to the character was … Continue reading

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A nice surprise in the mail and some links

I got a really nice surprise in my (snail) mail today, when I found a thick envelope from my cousin in my mailbox. Inside were a birthday card (a little late, because we’ve been having postal strikes last week) and … Continue reading

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New Release: Payback Time

Okay, so it’s not such a new release after all. Instead, this is yet another standalone release of two of the crime shorts found in Murder in the Family for those who don’t want the whole collection. Payback Time You … Continue reading

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Spring Flowers

Spring is a little belated this year because of the extended winter. After all, we still had snow less than a month ago. Still, the first spring flowers are in bloom now. Unfortunately, I missed taking a photo of the … Continue reading

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Politics in SF, Tough Women in Fiction and Pop Art Plagiarists

Nope, no more awards links today, as the online SFF community seems to have moved on to a new uproar (which I don’t want to comment on due to knowing one of the people involved). So here are some non-Hugo, … Continue reading

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The awards debate that won’t die

Yes, we’re still talking about the Hugo and Clarke Awards. Let’s start with the Clarke Awards this time around. Regular commenter Estara points out this great post by another regular commenter, Australian SFF writer Andrea K. Höst who takes issue … Continue reading

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