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Quick Linkdump for my Dad’s Birthday

There’ll be more sexism in SF posts and more photos soon, but since this week is really horrible (last week of school will do that to you), here’s just a quick linkdump: First of all, I’ve been interviewed again, this … Continue reading

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More Photos of Bremen in Summer

I was in town again today, because my aunt celebrated her birthday today, in the care home in the city centre where she lives. Because the cake I am inevitably forced to eat at such events does not satiate me, … Continue reading

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No place for literature on TV – Ingeborg Bachmann Prize under threat

I’ve blogged before about the Ingeborg Bachmann prize for German language literature and how fascinating I find the live readings of the competing texts as well as the jury commentary. Now the only reason that I can follow along with … Continue reading

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PowerPoint Presentation about the 2013 Danube Flood

For one of my customers, I created a PowerPoint presentation about clean-up efforts after the recent Danube flood in Bavaria and uploaded it to Slideshare. The focus of the presentation is on the German federal disaster relief organisation THW using … Continue reading

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Return of the Girl Cooties

To be exact, they never really went away, because the multiple discussions about sexism and racism in SFF and what to do about it are still going on, which deserves another link round-up. Mostly, this one involves posts of note … Continue reading

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Cute Craft Break

If you’ve ever wanted to hug assorted members of the Stark family from Game of Thrones (and considering all the horrible things that happen to them, they could all certainly use a hug, particularly the younger kids), check out these … Continue reading

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Quick Thunderstorm Linkdump

The heatwave of the past few days is in the process of giving way to cooler air, to pretty much everybody’s relief. Unfortunately, hot and cool air colliding means thunderstorms and rather a lot of them. We’ve already had three … Continue reading

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Photos: Bremen – Some Summerly Impressions

Although it was miserably hot today (and is to become even more miserably hot tomorrow), I had business in Bremen. However, I also got lucky and snagged The Dirty Streets of Heaven, the first in Tad Williams’ new urban fantasy … Continue reading

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Bloomsday Linkdump

Large parts of Southern and Eastern Germany are still flooded, but luckily my feet are still dry. Though I was commissioned to create a PowerPoint presentation about flood clean-up efforts, particularly with regard to oil-polluted flood waters, for a conference … Continue reading

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Words of Pride Giveaway

In the course of the recent ugliness about sexism, racism and homophobia in the SFF community, I also decided to talk up more good books that go beyond the limits of straight, white, male and Anglo-American. I’m starting right here … Continue reading

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