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The three labels of doom

I have a new post up at Pegasus Pulp, which is basically a follow-up to yesterday’s post. In other news, I ended up teaching geography today, substituting for the regular teacher, even though geography not my subject at all. Hence … Continue reading

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Dentist woes, Star Wars hide and seek and big Amazon news

Even though the dentist assured me yesterday that yes, my Dad would be able to drive again this morning, he was still too woozy to drive. I suspect that there is a genetic quirk in my family that makes us … Continue reading

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Literature and capitalism, the trouble with romances, yet more gender bias in SFF, good writing advice and some dentistry, too, for good measure

I had to take my Dad to the dentist today and pick him up again. He is getting implants, which were inserted under general anaesthesia, so he couldn’t drive. He was pretty woozy afterwards – I very much had to … Continue reading

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German politicians are clueless about the Internet – and the technological glass ceiling of fairground rides

According to a new study released today by German government spokesperson for addiction issues, half a million Germans suffer from internet addiction. Unsurprisingly, the percentage of internet addicts is highest among the 14 to 24 age group. Apparently, four hours … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Squeakers – and Edgar Wallace goes arte

I once wrote a whole article about my love for the German Edgar Wallace film adaptions of the 1960s. It will eventually be collected along with my other essays on vintage pop culture in a volume from Pegasus Pulp, but … Continue reading

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I accidentally discover the cure for aphthous ulcers – and another e-book post

I have accidentally found out that Sichuan pepper, which has some mouth numbing qualities, is a lot more effective in getting rid of the pain associated with aphthous ulcers than the special tincture I normally use. This is worth remembering, … Continue reading

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Just Another Quick Drive-by Post

I’m feeling somewhat out of sorts today, as if my body is struggling with an infection. I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately. Probably a combination of the onset of autumn and the cold/flu season and the fact that … Continue reading

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Out of gas or where do ideas come from?

I’ve been feeling very out of sorts and worn out these past two weeks. Partly this is because of a translation job, which mainly requires translating a lot of e-mails sent back and forth at every time of the day … Continue reading

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Of crappy spin-offs

I have given up on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, when I realized that the sniper in tonight’s episode could have shot every single team member save Garcia and I wouldn’t have cared. How can the spin-off be so mind-bogglingly bad, … Continue reading

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The Emmy Awards, America is losing its taste for contemporary stories and some writing links

So the 2011 Emmys have been awarded on Sunday. Several wins for Mad Men and Downton Abbey, neither of which I like, as I’ve stated before. There have also been wins for Boardwalk Empire, which I haven’t seen, because it … Continue reading

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