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The latest political plagiarism scandal

In the aftermath of the German general election last weekend, we have been seeing heads rolling (metaphorically of course – no one is guillotining politicians) on a scale unseen since the French revolution. Victims so far include Philipp Rösler and … Continue reading

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Quick Linkdump for my Dad’s Birthday

There’ll be more sexism in SF posts and more photos soon, but since this week is really horrible (last week of school will do that to you), here’s just a quick linkdump: First of all, I’ve been interviewed again, this … Continue reading

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Football and other links of interest

More photos coming tomorrow, but today I’m starting with a subject that rarely comes up in this blog, namely sports, more precisely football (or soccer to the Americans among you). But here in Bremen, this really is the biggest news … Continue reading

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Politics in SF, Tough Women in Fiction and Pop Art Plagiarists

Nope, no more awards links today, as the online SFF community seems to have moved on to a new uproar (which I don’t want to comment on due to knowing one of the people involved). So here are some non-Hugo, … Continue reading

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“It’s really cold for spring” Linkdump

Well, it’s true. Because temperatures of six degrees below freezing really aren’t normal for March. Plus, we haven’t had any rain in weeks now. Anyway, here are some links: First of all, there’s yet another entry in the Grimdark debate, … Continue reading

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The New York Times is Stupid on Plagiarism

The New York Times has an article on the Annette Schavan case and the other political plagiarism affairs in Germany and completely manages to miss the point once again. Because according to the author, one Nicholas Kulish*, apparently it is … Continue reading

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New Developments on Old Stories

Just a short post today, because I seem to have caught a cold and am not feeling all that well. I suspect I caught it at the motorbike show I visited this weekend. Though at least I also found and … Continue reading

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An interview and two political plagiarism links

For those of you (if any) waiting for my comments on the Lower Saxony state elections, you’ll have to wait a bit longer, because I currently don’t feel able to comment, largely because the results baffle me. Meanwhile, I was … Continue reading

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Gone Away Linkdump

From tomorrow on I’ll be in the UK for a couple of days. In urgent cases, I can still be contacted via e-mail or cellphone. And the office is still occupied in case someone desperately needs to get hold of … Continue reading

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It’s plagiarism season again

It seemed as if the political plagiarism frenzy had come to an end after the last of the politicians found to have plagiarized their doctoral thesis lost her degree in a revision of a decision from the 1980s. Now, however, … Continue reading

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