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Das Literarische Quartett Reloaded, Take 2, or the State of Literary Programming on German TV

Don’t worry, I’m not planning to review every episode of the revived Literarisches Quartett, a literature discussion program on German TV (For more information about the program in general, see my review of the first episode of the revival here). … Continue reading

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Das Literarische Quartett Reloaded

Hot on the heels of the deaths of Hellmuth Karasek, one third of the original Literarisches Quartett (no, that’s not a typo), came the revival of what was once the preeminent literary program on German TV. So what is Das … Continue reading

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Two more literary deaths: Hellmuth Karasek and Ellis Kaut

2015 has been a bad year for German literature and a bad year for celebrity deaths in general. Now we lost two more literary greats in the space of a few days, critic and writer Hellmuth Karasek, who died yesterday … Continue reading

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More German Book Award Reactions and German SF

Denis Scheck, probably Germany’s most outspoken and snarkiest literary critic now Marcel Reich-Ranicki has left us, is even less happy about the German Book Prize than me. At any rate, he called awarding the Prize to Terézia Mora an “incredibly … Continue reading

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In Memoriam Marcel Reich-Ranicki

One of my personal literary heroes, Polish-German literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki, died today aged 93. Here is a wonderful tribute from Kulturzeit with plenty of Reich-Ranicki clips and here are two more obituaries from the New York Times and the … Continue reading

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A nice surprise in the mail and some links

I got a really nice surprise in my (snail) mail today, when I found a thick envelope from my cousin in my mailbox. Inside were a birthday card (a little late, because we’ve been having postal strikes last week) and … Continue reading

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Christopher Priest does it again

After making waves earlier this year by finding the Clarke Award shortlist inadequate (I posted about that controversy here, here and here), Christopher Priest – the SFF genre’s resident old curmudgeon – is at it again. This time around, however, … Continue reading

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Gone Away Linkdump

From tomorrow on I’ll be in the UK for a couple of days. In urgent cases, I can still be contacted via e-mail or cellphone. And the office is still occupied in case someone desperately needs to get hold of … Continue reading

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The link between the Occupy movement and V for Vendetta or Downton Abbey respectively – and some other stuff

I have come across a lot of interesting links of late, so here is a linkdump:

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The Dictatorship of Taste – and James Bond

At the Observer, someone named Neal Gabler laments the death of professional criticism at the hands of the Internet. Elsewhere on the Observer site, the critics respond. This whole “The Internet is killing/democratizing criticism” thing isn’t new. In fact, it’s … Continue reading

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