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Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month for January 2016

It’s that time of the month again, time for “Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month”. So what is “Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month”? It’s a round-up of speculative fiction by indie authors newly published this month, though some December … Continue reading

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Photos: More Magical Hoarfrost

The snow and frost that held most of Germany in its grip last week is gone by now, but before it left, it still gave us a beautiful morning with bright blue skies and hoarfrost covered branches. Hoarfrost usually doesn’t … Continue reading

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Photos: Magical Hoarfrost

Our current cold spell is still continuing with temperatures as low as minus nine degrees Celsius last night. My students, who hail from Syria, Iran and Eritrea, are not used to such weather at all and a lot of them … Continue reading

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Photos: Snowy Winter Woods 2016

Last weekend, we had snow again, quickly followed by an extended period of frost. And since I had the time and inclination, I took the opportunity to go for a stroll through the snowy winter woods. The woods in question … Continue reading

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SFF, Romance and Abuse Narratives

Yesterday, I came across this great post by Foz Meadows about the frequency of abusive romance narratives particularly in media aimed at teenagers. The post is a response to a post by someone named The J. Gatsby Kid, in which … Continue reading

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First Snow of the New Year 2016

After an exceptionally mild December, we are currently experiencing a cold spell. And last night, it did not just get cold, it also began to snow. Over the day, the snowfall only increased. I would have loved to go hiking … Continue reading

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New Year’s Night 2015/2016

2016 is approximately five hours old where I am, so a Happy New Year to all readers and followers of this blog. As always, WordPress/Jetpack offer a yearly report and the 2015 report for this blog may be found here. … Continue reading

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