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Supernatural miracle pregnancies and the hatred of pregnant women

Feminist Frequency has a video essay on the supernatural miracle pregnancy, which has to be one of my most hated fantasy and SF tropes ever. Careful, the video may be triggering. At least it was for me. Found via Jay … Continue reading

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I’m really bloody sick of cake

Yesterday afternoon, I had to go to family birthday with coffee, tea and cake. These occasions are always stressful and tiring for me, because I am an introvert, so being with other people is tiring for me, even if I … Continue reading

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Two touchstones of a 1970s childhood die – and some writing links

I’m busy with translation work, so here’s a linkdump: Lilith Saintcrow discusses her writing process and her decompression process once she has finished something. The Clarion people have a great interview with Jim Butcher. I particularly like this bit: One … Continue reading

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Cora hits a bestseller list, gets a one-star review and rubs shoulders with Booker Prize nominees

I did a bit of housekeeping around this site and the Pegasus Pulp site. In particular, I added links to my e-books from the bibliography page, since I noticed that a lot of new visitors head for the bibliography rather … Continue reading

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Introducing the Silencer

Please excuse this commercial break, but I have another Pegasus Pulp e-book to announce. This time around it’s even proper neo-pulp fiction, because Countdown to Death is the first installment in a series of novelettes starring the Silencer, a masked … Continue reading

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Busy with something else linkdump

I’ve been hard at work preparing the next Pegasus Pulp e-book for publication. This time around, it’s the first of several stories and novellas I wrote about the Silencer, a masked vigilante in the tradition of the pulp mags of … Continue reading

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The infinite cluelessness of the news media, Harry Potter, Star Wars and some writing links

Yesterday I posted how infuriating I find it that all those self-styled experts immediately jumped to conclusions that the horrific terrorist attacks in Norway had an islamist background, especially since it turned out that the killer was a muslim-hating, rightwing, … Continue reading

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Dog Day Disasters – and a Linkdump

We’re in the middle of the so-called dog days, i.e. the hottest and most unpleasant days of summer, ruled by Sirius, the dog star. Of course, this year it’s not hot at all, at least in Germany. Today, the highest … Continue reading

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Gender, Characterisation and Smurfs

Here’s another great contribution to the debate about women in SFF and literature in general: Max Barry explains why the marginalization of women is all down to dogs and Smurfs. The point about animals being considered male by default does … Continue reading

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Sometimes, it just hits a bit too close to home

The phone system is working again – at least for now. There was no exterior intervention, it just suddenly worked again. However, I’m still having online trouble such as getting assigned weird IP addresses. Plus, I cannot access certain sites … Continue reading

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