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Just Strangle the Damned Cat! – The Problem of Formulaic Storytelling

Yesterday I blogged about how I don’t much care for what is currently considered “quality drama” in the US and that I find many of the regular, non-prestigious TV dramas, cop shows, police procedurals and the like, inferior to similar … Continue reading

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Gender, Characterisation and Smurfs

Here’s another great contribution to the debate about women in SFF and literature in general: Max Barry explains why the marginalization of women is all down to dogs and Smurfs. The point about animals being considered male by default does … Continue reading

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Nothing much to say

I don’t really have a whole lot of interest to say. We still have a lot of snow and even got some more overnight. Tomorrow afternoon, I’m heading out to the woods for a hike in the snow. I have … Continue reading

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