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Star Trek Discovery – Still dishing out Shocking Twists (TM), but at least no one has eaten Saru this week

Yes, it’s the obligatory Star Trek Discovery review cum angry rambling (previous editions may be found here). Though at this point, we should probably call the show Star Trek: What the Fuck?! or maybe Star Trek Rollercoaster. Cause Discovery is … Continue reading

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Just Strangle the Damned Cat! – The Problem of Formulaic Storytelling

Yesterday I blogged about how I don’t much care for what is currently considered “quality drama” in the US and that I find many of the regular, non-prestigious TV dramas, cop shows, police procedurals and the like, inferior to similar … Continue reading

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Linkdump – One hundred percent Hugo and Clarke Award free

The hits on my Hugo reaction link round-up have gone through the roof thanks to links from John Scalzi, James Nicholls, Liz Bourke, Jay Lake, Radish Reviews, SF Signal and others. I’ll do another link round-up about the reactions to … Continue reading

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Olympic Linkdump

Here is an interesting article at Ghostwoods, which describes Michael Moorcock’s method for writing a novel in a single weekend and also goes into Lester Dent’s pulp fiction masterplot (which has been linked in the sidebar pretty much since I … Continue reading

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Random Post for a Tired Day

Apparently, it’s Read an E-Book Week, so if you’d like to try one of mine, I have plenty available in various genres and at reasonable prices. Of course, I want to publish more e-books. And while I still have a … Continue reading

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September e-book sales figures and some writing links

September is over, so it’s time for the monthly e-book sales figures. This month I sold 14 e-books across all titles and platforms. That’s up from 9 in August. For a more detailed analysis please visit the Pegasus Pulp site. … Continue reading

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Lots of election analysis and some links

This weekend’s state elections in Berlin were interesting, to say the least. The full election results with wins and losses, vote distribution, etc… are here by the way. There’ll be some analysis and neepery about German politics behind the cut, … Continue reading

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An announcement and some links

I finally set up the Cora Buhlert author pages on Amazon.com, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany. Apparently, you have to set up the author pages for all three Amazons separately, which I didn’t know. The XinXii author page has been … Continue reading

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