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Cora’s Adventures at Metropol Con in Berlin, Part 2: The Con

As you probably know, I was at Metropol Con, a new SFF convention in Berlin, last week. For my pre-con wanderings around Berlin, check out this post. And now, let’s get to the con itself. Day 1: Thursday, May 18, … Continue reading

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In Memoriam Peter Thomas

German film and TV composer Peter Thomas (1925 – 2020) died yesterday aged 94. Unfortunately, there is no English language obituary, though here are some nice German ones from Der Spiegel, Die Zeit and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Together with Martin … Continue reading

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Cora is time-travelling to 1964 to revisit the Edgar Wallace movies

My latest post is up over at the Hugo nominated fanzine Galactic Journey. This time, I talk about the West German Edgar Wallace movies of the 1960s, a subject about which I’ve written in these pages before. Of course, it’s … Continue reading

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In Memoriam Martin Böttcher

German film composer Martin Böttcher (1927 – 2019) died April 19th aged 91. Once again, there is no English language obituary, but here are some German ones from Tagesschau, RP Online and Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Deutschlandfunk Kultur also has a nice … Continue reading

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Cora time travels to 1963 again

I’ve got another article up at Galactic Journey. This one is about The Silent Star a.k.a. First Spaceship to Venus, an East German/Polish science fiction film based on Stanislaw Lem’s novel Astronauts. So hop over there and check it out.

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Olympic Linkdump

Here is an interesting article at Ghostwoods, which describes Michael Moorcock’s method for writing a novel in a single weekend and also goes into Lester Dent’s pulp fiction masterplot (which has been linked in the sidebar pretty much since I … Continue reading

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Short Weekend Linkdump

Over at the Pegasus Pulp blog, I offer my take on the current discussion whether e-books will kill off genre fiction. USA Today has a surprisingly good article about Fifty Shades of Grey and its implications for sexuality in America. … Continue reading

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Berlin film festival winners and a few words on the latest political scandal

I’m still suffering from that nasty aphthous ulcer on the side of my tongue, which is showing no sign of receding. This is very frustrating, particularly since I can barely eat anything. One drug that allegedly helps against aphthous ulcers … Continue reading

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Oscars 2012 and America’s Nostalgia Obsession

Last week, the nominations for the 2012 Academy Awards were announced. The German media mainly focused on the fact that Wim Wenders has been nominated in the documentary category for Pina, his 3D documentary about the life and work of … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Squeakers – and Edgar Wallace goes arte

I once wrote a whole article about my love for the German Edgar Wallace film adaptions of the 1960s. It will eventually be collected along with my other essays on vintage pop culture in a volume from Pegasus Pulp, but … Continue reading

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