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Constantine or when the imitators eclipse the original

We’re living in a strange age where every American comic you ever read, no matter how obscure, is probably going to be a movie or a TV show sooner or later. Want proof? Look at Marvel’s massive line-up of upcoming … Continue reading

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The true motives behind the “War on Comics”

Buzzfeed of all places has a really great article by Saladin Ahmed about the surprising diversity sometimes found in American comics during the Golden Age of the 1940s and early 1950s. The basis for the article is treasure trove of … Continue reading

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Still Snowy Linkdump

We still have snow and even got some new snow today, though it’s supposed to start melting tomorrow, most likely with freezing rain, too – brrr. And that on a day I’m supposed to go to Oldenburg. Anyway, I’ve got … Continue reading

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Another interview with Cora, some indie publishing links, Channel 4 occupies Alan Moore, more on gender in SFF and Downton Abbey saves traditional publishing

First of all, I am interviewed at the Indie Book Lounge today, so head on over and check it out. If you want to read some of my past interviews, they are archived at the Interviews page. I’ve also got … Continue reading

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An interview with Cora, the end of the singularity and the popularity of teen dystopias

I don’t have a whole lot to say today, at least not here. But head over to the blog of historical fiction writer J.R. Tomlin where I’m interviewed today and talk about writing and researching historical fiction among other things. … Continue reading

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