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Chuck Wendig, James Gunn, Chelsea Cain and the Silencing of Creatives

The following excursion into the past is going to be long, but bear with me, because there is a valid connection to what is happening today.

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The Böhmermann Case

I’m one of them. One of the approximately 300000 to 500000 German TV viewers who knew who Jan Böhmermann was before last week and who regularly watched his comedy program Neo Magazin Royale in its Thursday/Friday night post-midnight graveyard slot. … Continue reading

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Freak you, Clean Reader, kiss my butt and darn you to heck, you freaking bottoms

If the title of this post sounds weird to you – well, that’s how it would look when read through Clean Reader, a new app which removes words deemed offensive by some (mostly swearwords and bodypart words) from e-books, so … Continue reading

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Of Penny Dreadfuls and Moral Panics

The Guardian has an article about the so-called penny dreadfuls, cheap serialized novels of the Victorian era, inspired by the success of the eponymous TV series (which I haven’t yet seen, hence no comment). I usually don’t remember where and … Continue reading

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The true motives behind the “War on Comics”

Buzzfeed of all places has a really great article by Saladin Ahmed about the surprising diversity sometimes found in American comics during the Golden Age of the 1940s and early 1950s. The basis for the article is treasure trove of … Continue reading

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SFWA Drama: The 2014 Edition

You may remember the uproar surrounding sexist and otherwise problematic content in the SFWA Bulletin from last summer (exhaustively chronicled here). The SFWA promised to mend their ways and suspended the Bulletin until a new editor could be found (the … Continue reading

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Mid November Linkdump

I’ve been slacking up on the blogging and link collecting, cause I’m very busy at the moment. Nonetheless, I do continue to come across interesting links, so here are some of them. Lots of sex and gender discussion this time … Continue reading

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Now let us all clutch our pearls and hyperventilate

First of all, DriveThruFiction‘s charity e-book bundle to benefit Feeding America will only remain available until Sunday, October 20, so order your copy now if you haven’t already. In other news, the whole uproar about indie-published fringe erotica is still … Continue reading

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Pegasus Pulp e-books not currently available at W.H. Smith, Kobo and Whitcoulls

I regret to inform you that Pegasus Pulp e-books are not currently available at W.H. Smith in the UK and Whitcoulls in New Zealand and that worldwide availability at Kobo may be limited. Warning: Swearing, righteous indignation and links with … Continue reading

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The German Book Prize does it again and other literary news from Germany

The German Book Prize 2013 has been awarded to Hungarian-German writer Terészia Mora for her novel Das Ungeheuer (The Monster). Spiegel Online, Tagesspiegel and the Süddeutsche Zeitung have more. Finally, here is a video interview with Ms. Mora about her … Continue reading

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