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Treasures from the Trunk: Resurrecting Dead Stories

Crossposted to Pegasus Pulp. One of the best things about going indie is that it has made writing a lot more fun again, because it means that I am not constantly worrying about whether there is a market for any … Continue reading

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New Release: Seraglio

No, this is not an April’s Fool joke, I really have a new novelette available. I actually planned to announce it yesterday, but Amazon was slow to make it available. This story is called Seraglio and it’s another of the … Continue reading

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Oscars 2012 and America’s Nostalgia Obsession

Last week, the nominations for the 2012 Academy Awards were announced. The German media mainly focused on the fact that Wim Wenders has been nominated in the documentary category for Pina, his 3D documentary about the life and work of … Continue reading

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Another interview with Cora, some indie publishing links, Channel 4 occupies Alan Moore, more on gender in SFF and Downton Abbey saves traditional publishing

First of all, I am interviewed at the Indie Book Lounge today, so head on over and check it out. If you want to read some of my past interviews, they are archived at the Interviews page. I’ve also got … Continue reading

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An interview with Cora, the end of the singularity and the popularity of teen dystopias

I don’t have a whole lot to say today, at least not here. But head over to the blog of historical fiction writer J.R. Tomlin where I’m interviewed today and talk about writing and researching historical fiction among other things. … Continue reading

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And yet another plagiarism case

Yet another plagiarism case has popped up, this time concerning uncanny similarities between Lenore Hart’s 2011 novel The Raven’s Bride and Cothburn O’Neal’s 1956 novel The Very Young Mrs. Poe. Both novels deal with Virginia Clemm, cousin and teenaged bride … Continue reading

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New Release: Hostage to Passion

Over all the other craziness, I almost forgot to post that I have a new e-book available, a novelette called Hostage to Passion. It didn’t hurt sales, though, since I already sold two copies without any advertising whatsoever. This story … Continue reading

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E-Book Sales, E-Book Launches and El Carnicero

First of all, it’s time for the monthly e-book sales figures. In August 2011 I sold 9 e-books across all platforms, down from 15 in July. The detailed breakdown is as follows: Amazon US: 5 Amazon UK: 3 XinXii: 1 … Continue reading

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At long last: The Kiss of the Executioner’s Blade

Kindle Direct Publishing finally came through and The Kiss of the Executioner’s Blade is now also available at all three Amazons in addition to XinXii and AllRomance ebooks. If the title seems familiar, this is one of the erotic pulp … Continue reading

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Sometimes, it just hits a bit too close to home

The phone system is working again – at least for now. There was no exterior intervention, it just suddenly worked again. However, I’m still having online trouble such as getting assigned weird IP addresses. Plus, I cannot access certain sites … Continue reading

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