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New historical romance short available: Hanging Day

July 3rd (i.e. tomorrow) marks my three year indie publishing anniversary. I’ll do a more detailed post with some sales statistics over at the Pegasus Pulp site tomorrow, but for now I’ve got a new release to announce just in … Continue reading

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New German short story available – Neue Kurzgeschichte auf Deutsch erhältlich: Gesetzlose Liebe

It’s new release announcement time again. This time around, my new release is another German language title, namely the German translation of Outlaw Love, the lesbian Old West romance that’s one of my most popular stories to date. Coincidentally, this … Continue reading

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New title, new cover, new video

Yes, it’s another promotional post. Regular blogging will resume shortly. Now I have acquired a YouTube channel, it needs more content than two old book trailers. So I made a general promotion video using Stupeflix, another of those online “Make … Continue reading

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Women in Speculative Fiction, News on the Grimdark Debate and the Unsung Heroes of German Literature

Strange Horizons is once again fighting the good fight and has broken down book reviews in major SFF venues by gender of the author and reviewer. The results are still largely discouraging. At Salon, Alex Heimbach also reports on the … Continue reading

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“Still Bloody Cold” Linkdump

Well, it is. Tomorrow, there’s even supposed to be snow again. On Maundy Thursday. If you’ve been hanging around this or my other blogs, you may have noticed a few changes. First of all, my posts now have a “Like” … Continue reading

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Art versus Commerce or Selling Out

Apparently, the hot topic du jour in the online SFF sphere these days is selling out. As far as I can tell, the whole discussion was kicked off by Paolo Bacigalupi and a bunch of other SFF writers on Twitter. … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey hits Germany – with an embarrassing mistranslation

Over Christmas, the British series Downtown Abbey has finally come to German TV. Now I am very definitely not a fan of the show. Nonetheless, the German public TV channel ZDF has once again proven its track record of buying … Continue reading

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Two new releases for the holidays

Christmas is almost upon us and in order to celebrate I have not one but two new releases to announce, one in English and one in German. Let’s get started with Flights of Madness, a collection of aviation themed short … Continue reading

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Gone Away Linkdump

From tomorrow on I’ll be in the UK for a couple of days. In urgent cases, I can still be contacted via e-mail or cellphone. And the office is still occupied in case someone desperately needs to get hold of … Continue reading

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Walpurgis Night Linkdump

Well, it was either Walpurgis Night or Koninginnedag. I’d actually hoped to announce a new release today, but OmniLit/AllRomance is having upload issues today, so have a linkdump instead: Ellen DeGeneres attempts to record the audio book edition of Fifty … Continue reading

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