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A real life vampire, the resurrection of the gothic and two great artists remembered

I’m not feeling too hot today. It’s either the weather or there was something wonky about the Tofu burger or the dusty bottle of African style ketchup I had with it last night. My latest e-book still isn’t up at … Continue reading

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It’s never just one thing

By now Amazon’s Kindle Direct bookshelf actually lists my latest e-book as “live”, but it still doesn’t exist in the store. Apparently, Amazon is tinkering with the publishing platform, because a lot of people are reporting problems. For a while, … Continue reading

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A linkdump instead of an announcement

I had planned to announce my latest e-book today, but Amazon is slow in putting the pages up, so that announcement will have to wait for tomorrow. So instead of an e-book announcement, here is a linkdump: I noted my … Continue reading

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Some trends in the SFF genre that I don’t enjoy at all

Library Journal has an extensive article on new trends and new books in fantasy and science fiction. The article actually does a good job of highlighting new work both in established subgenres as well as new developments. But it is … Continue reading

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More August Search Term Weirdness

August seems to be the month for weird searches, because I got some more really strange search strings in the past few days. For example, someone apparently typed “wanking outdoors to passers by” into a search engine and landed at … Continue reading

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Secret Menus and more on Charlotte Roche

Chuck Wendig offers the secret menu of writing advice. This is a great post, though I wonder whether secret menus in restaurants are primarily a US thing. Because I don’t know of any secret menus at German restaurants. That is, … Continue reading

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A new sales venue, emotional writing, plagiarism, women in epic fantasy and awesome feminist cartoons

First of all, I have an announcement: Pegasus Pulp e-books are now available at OmniLit/AllRomance ebooks. If you need one of the more exotic e-book formats (Palm, Microsoft Reader, Rocket) or are an international reader who wants to avoid the … Continue reading

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Linkdump for a Wet Weekend

There are new posts over at the Pegasus Pulp and ABC Buhlert blogs, so today’s a linkdump day for this blog:

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The British riots and their reflection in contemporary British pop culture

Slate has an article on the British riots (well, English, since there was no rioting in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), with a headline claiming that British writers and filmmakers had foreseen the social gap that would eventually break open … Continue reading

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Searchterm Weirdness August Edition

Looking through the terms people typed into their favourite search engine to get here is always a fascinating glimpse into other people’s brains. For example, I always had the sneaking suspicion that many people subscribe to HBO not so much … Continue reading

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