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Introducing the new Silencer trailer

The old Silencer trailer is no longer quite up to date and so I decided to make a new one, using Stupeflix, the same program I also used to make the Shattered Empire trailer as well as a short general … Continue reading

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A new release and a new series: Overdose

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the Birmingham photos, because today I have a new release to announce, a short mystery called Overdose. Overdose is the result of another eight hour fiction challenge, which you may … Continue reading

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Back from Birmingham, mixed announcements and some brief thoughts on Doctor Who

As the title indicates, I’m back from Birmingham. That is, actually I came back on Wednesday (on a 7 AM flight – ugh), but I’ve been too tired and busy for blogging until now. There’ll be more observations and photos … Continue reading

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Two new Shattered Empire stories available: Seedlings and Debts to Pay

Today I’ve got a double release in the Shattered Empire series to announce, because both the long awaited novella Debts to Pay as well as a new Shattered Empire short story named Seedlings have just come out. Seedlings is another … Continue reading

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New Crime Short Available: The Cork and the Bottle

I actually expected the next new release announcement to be for the next two (yes, you read that correctly) installments in the Shattered Empire series. But instead I did another eight hour fiction challenge and wrote a short mystery (and … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

This blog had been rather quiet these past few days, since I haven’t been feeling well. However, there are some news from elsewhere to report: For starters, I am now a contributor to the Speculative Fiction Showcase where the “Indie … Continue reading

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New Crime Short Two-pack available: Seeing Red

I did another eight-hour e-book challenge and here is the result, a crime short two-pack about bad relationships leading to murder called Seeing Red. There is some more information about the process of writing Seeing Red over at the Pegasus … Continue reading

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Double Release: A new Shattered Empire novelette and a new Silencer story

The post title says it all really, for today I have no one but two new releases to announce. And not just any new titles either, but a brand-new adventure of the Silencer and the long awaited next installment in … Continue reading

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New historical romance short available: Hanging Day

July 3rd (i.e. tomorrow) marks my three year indie publishing anniversary. I’ll do a more detailed post with some sales statistics over at the Pegasus Pulp site tomorrow, but for now I’ve got a new release to announce just in … Continue reading

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New German crime short available – Neuer Kurzkrimi auf Deutsch erhältlich: Familienkutsche

It’s once again time for some announcements. First of all, my e-books are now available at the subscription e-book service Scribd as well as at You Heart Books, a new e-book store. What is more, I have a new e-book … Continue reading

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