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There will be no golden age…

So Britain (well, Wales and England minus London) voted to leave the European Union today. I’m pretty pissed off about this, because I rather like Britain, have lived in London for a while and also like to visit on occasion. … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Scandals

March 8 is International Women’s Day. Time to talk about awesome women, even though at least the SFF community is still stuck talking about a man. International Women’s Day has never been a big deal in Germany, even though the … Continue reading

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The German Book Award or Let’s all praise middle class mediocrity

The 2012 German Book Award has been awarded to Ursula Krechel for her novel Landgericht (District Court) and it turns out that I am psychic. Yes, it’s true. I predicted last month that Ms. Krechel would win the award. But … Continue reading

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Misfits Season 3: Episode 1 and Vegas Baby

Misfits, my favourite TV show of recent times, is back for its third season. For those who haven’t encountered this wonderful show yet, Misfits is about a bunch of juvenile delinquents from a London council estate (Thamesmead, where part of … Continue reading

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Why young adult fiction needs more gay characters – and more diversity in general

Since Orson Scott Card has rewritten Hamlet with bonus homophobia, Ben Peek is now suggesting rewriting Ender’s Game with bonus homosexuality. In addition to making me smile, Ben Peek’s post also touches on the one thing that shocked me most … Continue reading

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Culture, Representation and Diversity

Apparently, there is something in the air regarding the US cultural dominance and how can marginalize or outright erase other viewpoints. Joyce Chng wrote about it, Aliette de Bodard wrote about it, I wrote about it (here and here). Now … Continue reading

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Riots Redux

A few days ago, I was at my parents, when there was a belated report on the British riots on TV (belated, because the program in question was on summer hiatus during the riots and now had to reassert its … Continue reading

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The British riots and their reflection in contemporary British pop culture

Slate has an article on the British riots (well, English, since there was no rioting in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), with a headline claiming that British writers and filmmakers had foreseen the social gap that would eventually break open … Continue reading

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Depressing News and an Inspirational Documentary

I’m still troubled by the UK riots (because it’s not just London anymore), though I have been in e-mail contact with someone I know from my time as a student in North West London who told me that at least … Continue reading

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Stop this shit!

I’m very troubled by the London riots, especially since the rioting has now spread to Harlesden, the North-West London neighbourhood where I used to live as a student in the 1990s. I’m pretty sure I know the shop that the … Continue reading

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