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Yet Another Linkdump

Our almost three weeks of solid snow and frost are thawing just in time for New Year. Unfortunately, that thawing is accompanied by freezing rain, which makes every surface slippery as hell. I’m very glad that I don’t have to … Continue reading

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A Speculative Linkdump

I’m pretty busy at the moment with a big translation job, so here’s yet another bunch of links, this time vaguely speculative fiction themed. Sheila Finch has a great post on fairytales, sexual taboos and animal shifters at the SFWA … Continue reading

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Some TV Linkage

I’m a little tired and don’t have much time today, so have some TV-related linkage instead: Salon has a terribly condescending article about half of Sweden watching a particular Disney holiday special every year on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. … Continue reading

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Boxing Day Update and some Links

Yesterday was Boxing Day, or the second day of Christmas as we call it in these parts*, so Christmas 2010 is officially over. Of course, inofficially the Christmas season lasts up to New Year and even to Epiphany Day, i.e. … Continue reading

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Vampiric Poo

On TV tonight, I came across 30 Days of Night. Now I haven’t been remotely interested in the film back when it was in the theatres. But since many people have named it as an example of “vampires done right” … Continue reading

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Christmas Day and some Pictures

First of all, a Merry Christmas or a happy whatever other seasonal holiday you may celebrate. We’ve had some more snow overnight. This is the first time since the 1980s that we’ve had snow on all three days of Christmas … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

December 24th, i.e. Christmas Eve, is over now. Here in Germany, Christmas Eve is the main event, while Christmas Day and Boxing Day are the time for family visits, eating too much food and hangovers. The snow fall has stopped … Continue reading

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A Very White Christmas

Well, it’s not quite Christmas yet, though it’s already in the early hours of Christmas Eve. And Christmas Eve is the main event here in Germany. What is more, someone must have decided that as a compensation for the past … Continue reading

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So bad you can’t say it on TV

Hal Duncan has a fantastic post about the one word in the English language that is so bad and so taboo that you cannot use it at all. And no, I’m not spelling it out on this blog. Not because … Continue reading

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Weimar is not an adjective

Can someone please tell this woman that “Weimar” is not an adjective? Weimar is the name of a German city in the state of Thuringia, which happened to give its name to the first German republic, that lasted from 1918 … Continue reading

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