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Olympic Linkdump

Here is an interesting article at Ghostwoods, which describes Michael Moorcock’s method for writing a novel in a single weekend and also goes into Lester Dent’s pulp fiction masterplot (which has been linked in the sidebar pretty much since I … Continue reading

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Cora comments on the Olympic opening ceremony

Tonight I found myself in the company of a friend who wanted to watch the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. Now I’m not a huge sports fan in general and have never cared about any Olympic Games, since to … Continue reading

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I’m not a fan of our current hot weather at all, but it sure does make for pretty sunrises. For proof, see this photo I took yesterday morning:

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newleaf makes headlines again

Today, I was pointed to this nice article in the local paper Weser Kurier about the launch reading of newleaf 28 at the Kulturzentrum Schlachthof on June 25. My own post on the reading is here and the official write-up … Continue reading

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Dog Day Linkdump

The Guardian has a gallery of their top ten Charles and Ray Eames designs. Personally, I’ve always loved the lounge chair and ottoman best. The Task office chair is of course a staple of conference rooms all over the world. … Continue reading

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Death threats for reviewers, sexed-up classics, judging books by their covers and a dead German singer

We’ve all heard about the Stop the Goodreads Bullies uproar by now (I’m not dignifying that site with a link – google it if you must). And now a film critic has received death threats – for daring to give … Continue reading

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More New Pulp and Ron Moore does Outlander

Over at the Pegasus Pulp blog, I take a further at the current discussion about the New Pulp Fiction and try to define for myself where I stand on this. In other news, it was announced today that Ron Moore … Continue reading

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Pegasus Pulp e-books now available at Kobo

Canadian e-book retailer Kobo finally opened its Writing Life portal to the public today, which means that you can now buy all of my e-books at Kobo as well. So if you own a Kobo e-reader, want to avoid the … Continue reading

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Short Sunday Morning Post

Some kind of pollen seems to be flying around that does not agree with my hayfever at all, besides half the Internet seems to be in San Diego for Comic Con this weekend, so here’s just a short post for … Continue reading

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School is Out Linkdump

Today was the last day of school in Lower Saxony where I teach, which means six weeks (sort of) without school. And it’s about time, since we hit a late slot with our summer holidays this year, which meant that … Continue reading

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