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Hitzefrei Part II – The Reprise

Today, school finished early again due to the heat. It’s no longer as unrelentingly hot as yesterday, but very humid and oppressive. In theory, “hitzefrei” means no afternoon classes. However, when I dropped by my classroom to check for stray … Continue reading

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Today was my Dad’s birthday and also coincidentally the hottest day of the year with more than 30 ° Celsius. Even now, well past midnight, the temperature is still over 20° Celsius. Today, I also experienced a phenomenon that was … Continue reading

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Four things I did today, two random cool links and some searchterm weirdness

Four things I did today: Searched for flights to a town in western Greenland I had never heard of before today. And while the various Internet flight portals are useful for finding cheap flights to various Mediterranean holiday destinations or … Continue reading

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Just another weekend linkdump

The Guardian offers another article about self-publishing, digital and otherwise. Lynn Viehl of Paperback Writer wrote a thoughtful post about the spectrum of elements a novel needs and the spectrum of skills a writer needs. Worldbuilding is definitely one colour … Continue reading

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Opting Out of the Beauty Myth

At the Independent, Charlotte Raven wonders whether the choices available to western (in this case British) women have gotten narrower in spite of feminism. The following quote struck me in particular: The pervasive fashion for porn-star depilation (and vaginal cosmetic … Continue reading

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Linkdump has a Headache

I’ve got a headache of the nasty, stab behind the eyes sort. Probably an early sign of the upcoming weather change, I tend to get headaches when the weather changes. So here’s just a quick linkdump: Kristine Kathryn Rusch explains … Continue reading

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Poverty Porn

Regarding the subject of class prejudice as expressed in reality shows in the UK (and not just there), the Guardian has two articles about yet another show of that type, The Scheme, a reality show set on a Scottish council … Continue reading

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Prora – The World’s Creepiest Resort

The New York Times has an article about Prora, the never finished Nazi monster resort on the island of Rügen. I visited Prora in 2009 after a linguistics conference in the nearby town of Greifswald. It’s a stunningly creepy place, … Continue reading

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A Visitor Spike

This blog has been experiencing an influx of new visitors and a spike of hits of late. Mostly this is due to people looking for my Game of Thrones related posts. Even more amazingly, my latest post on the ABC … Continue reading

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More Gender Bias in SFF

io9 remembers that paranormal romance is a part of the SFF genre and runs an interview with Nalini Singh. The interview itself is good, though there is the usual anti-paranormal-romance trolling in the comments. In particular, we get people complaining … Continue reading

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