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At last, Barnes & Noble… and some other links

The biggest news of the day (well, for me at any rate) is that my e-books are now finally available at Barnes & Noble. You can find the full list here – individual links will also be added to the … Continue reading

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New Story Available: Cartoony Justice

As the post title indicates, I have a new story available. This one is called Cartoony Justice and it’s very dear to my heart. As you can tell by the cover, Cartoony Justice is something of a departure from my … Continue reading

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An Interview with Cora, a German cinema scandal, vintage German pulp fiction, writing tips and more

First of all, I’ve been interviewed once again and answer 5 questions for authors and talk a bit about Murder in the Family at Randomize Me. You can also find links to other interviews I have done around the web … Continue reading

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A lexical oddity or how a 1970s cop left its mark on the German language

I actually have one more photo post coming up, but for now here’s a short linguistics post inspired by happening upon a rerun on TV. I supposed you all know those magnetic beacons that can be attached to the roof … Continue reading

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Scotland Photos Part 4 – Harbour, Beach and Footdee

Aberdeen is a harbour city and since the 1970s, Aberdeen harbour has been the main hub for supplying the oil platforms in the North Sea. Indeed, Aberdeen was one of the cities that were always mentioned in the maritime weather … Continue reading

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Scotland Photos Part 3 – Pubs and Bars

Britain in general has a great range of interesting pubs with interesting interiors in interesting locations, whereas German bars tend to be quite samey. But on this trip, I came across a few really unique pubs, and of course I … Continue reading

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Scotland Photos, Part 2: Old Aberdeen

Old Aberdeen – not to be confused with just plain Aberdeen, of which I shared some photos a few days ago – is a formerly independent town that is now part of the city of Aberdeen. Though nowadays, Old Aberdeen … Continue reading

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Obama Reelected

Just chanced to glance at the live TV coverage of the US election, which I have running in the background, and saw that Ohio went to Obama, which means that he won the election. Like some 80 or 90 percent … Continue reading

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Scotland Photos Part 1: Aberdeen

For all of you who are weary of the US election coverage and want some distraction, here are some photos of Aberdeen taken during my recent trip to the UK. I’ll be posting more in the next few days. From … Continue reading

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Guy Fawkes Day Linkdump

Well, it was either that or US election day linkdump. And since everybody and his dog is already talking about the US election, I thought that Guy deserves some of the spotlight, especially now that he has morphed into an … Continue reading

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