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Linkdump for my Grandpa’s Birthday

Today is my grandpa’s birthday. He would have been 102. I still remember his birthday almost thirty years after he died, because when we went to visit my grandpa for his birthday, my cousins and I always got a chocolate … Continue reading

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New science fiction short story available: Whaler

Even though the last week has been rather chaotic, I have a new short story available. It’s the first science fiction story published under the Pegasus Pulp imprint and represents my take on a genre trope I really can’t stand, … Continue reading

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Two short links for a grey Sunday

The Observer has a portrait of Alan Moore in connection with the now ubiquitous V for Vendetta mask. I’m always stunned by how many people don’t know where masks actually come from. I also have a new post up at … Continue reading

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Cora is feeling contrarian

It’s manifesto time again, for Scott Nicolay has posted his Dogme 2011 for Weird Fiction at Weird Fiction Review. I don’t agree with him, but then I never agree with manifestos. They make me feel contrarian. Besides, I have issues … Continue reading

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How SFnal is Spy Fiction?

The King of Elfland’s Second Cousin has a very insightful post about the connection between science fiction (and urban fantasy for that matter) and classic spy fiction, which draws on Darko Suvin‘s theory of cognitive estrangement, as outlined in Metamorphoses … Continue reading

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Rembrandt, Elsje Christiaens and a stats oddity

Does anybody have any idea why 150 people, most of them in Norway and Denmark, felt the need to search for “Elsje Christiaens”, an 18-year-old Danish girl who was executed in Amsterdam in 1664 for beating her landlady to death … Continue reading

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Speculative YA, the invisible women of SFF and the trouble with Twilight bashing

First of all, a happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers. Enjoy your turkey and side dishes. In fact, I always think the vegetable side dishes sound like the best thing about the whole affair. Cheryl Morgan has a great … Continue reading

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Three November Deaths

Yes, I know that November is the month of death, but we didn’t have to take it that literally, did we? Because in addition to losing a neighbour to cancer, this November has seen the loss of some remarkable people … Continue reading

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Bookish Monday Linkdump

Glen Duncan, the British writer of literary novels with genre elements, who compared literary writers writing genre fiction to intellectuals dating porn stars in his New York Times review of Colson Whitehead’s literary zombie novel Zone One now offers a … Continue reading

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Misfits Series 3, Episode 2

After the excursion to Las Vegas in the season 3 prequel and last week’s introduction of new character Rudy, Misfits is back in more familiar waters with a lovely character-driven story for episode 2. Even better, this episode focuses on … Continue reading

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