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Nihilism and Plagiarism Redux – and a little bit on Style

Here’s a Sunday link round-up with yet some more reactions on the subjects that have kept us occupied of late. First of all, German academics speak out against the cavalier reaction of many politicians and parts of the media to … Continue reading

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Voice, Style and Grammar

I’m tired and busy, so here’s a neat writing link: Kristine Kathryn Rusch on voice and why it is important for writers and storytellers. The first half of the post is about the Borders bankruptcy, you have to scroll down … Continue reading

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German TV Parodies… and Authorized Slash!

This is hilarious. Clips from classic German TV shows reassembled and redubbed at ZDF mashups. I particularly love the slashy take on Derrick. I mean, it’s a slashy video featuring two beloved TV characters, not just authorized by the copyright … Continue reading

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World Travel Meme

Gacked from Jay Lake. visited 31 states (13.7%)Create your own visited map of The World Not too bad, but then I grew up with a father who had to travel a lot for his job. Lots of Europe and North … Continue reading

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The End of a Legend

I just went to the Guardian website to check reviews for a new British TV show and was shocked to see that British actor Nicholas Courtney died yesterday aged 81. Nicholas Courtney is best known for playing Brigadier Alistair Gordon … Continue reading

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Two Quick Writing Links

I’m busy and tired, plus I have an important meeting early tomorrow, so here are two writing links in lieu of a proper post: Stacia Kane explains what lies behind that annoying writing advice “Write what you know” Lynn Viehl … Continue reading

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Quick Link Round-up on the Usual Suspects – err, Subjects

I’m still busy, so here’s a quick link roundup: The doctorate of Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg has been revoked by the university of Bayreuth because of academic malfeasance. Eric Rosenfield weighs in on the nihilism in epic fantasy issue at … Continue reading

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A Rememberance of German Crime Drama

German TV producer Helmut Ringelmann has died at age 84. Ringelmann created several long running crime dramas such as Derrick, Der Alte and Der Kommissar in the 1960s and 1970s. Ringelmann’s crime dramas were a fixture of Friday nights when … Continue reading

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Awards, writing links and yet more plagiarism in politics and nihilism in fantasy

I’m busy with school prep work and a big translation project, one of those 100 plus page operation manuals, that just came in. So here is a link round-up: Today, my local paper published an insightful interview with Andreas Fischer-Lescarno, … Continue reading

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Channel Surfing Weirdness

Sometimes, while flipping through the channels on the TV remote, you can come across some really weird stuff. I had two or rather three moments of channel surfing weirdness today: Suddenly coming across what was undoubtedly the Eleventh Doctor chatting … Continue reading

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