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A Pulp Post

There’s nothing to see here today, but why don’t you head over to the Pegasus Pulp blog and read my post about how the rise of e-books and indie publishing is resurrecting the spirit of the pulp era.

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Random pretty photos from my collection

Today is Sherwood Smith’s a.k.a. Sartorias’ birthday, so here are some pretty photos from my collection as a virtual present:

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Pentecost Monday Linkdump

It’s the long Pentecost/Whitsun weekend in Germany and the long Memorial Day weekend in the US, plus plenty of people seem to be at some con or another, so the Internet has been a bit quiet of late. Nonetheless, I … Continue reading

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Eurovision goes political and Mad Men goes SF

Tonight the final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest was held in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. The Guardian also has a liveblog from a UK perspective here. Unlike last year, I really did not catch more than a handful of … Continue reading

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Lover Misshelved

Yesterday, I went to Bremen with my Mom to buy some of those things you can only get in the city centre. It was still unpleasantly hot and I hate going out when it’s hot, but unfortunately I no longer … Continue reading

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GLBT characters in comics and elsewhere

Two days ago, I posted about discussing superheroes with my fifth graders and how some sexual questions came up. The post got a lot of hits, which I put down to the post title, which was obviously search engine bait. … Continue reading

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Accidental mispronunciations and very rude words in the schoolyard

It’s still awfully and unseasonably hot here in North Germany, though it’s supposed to cool off tomorrow. Honestly, if they are going to have more and more schools that operate well into the afternoon, they should really revise the “hitzefrei” … Continue reading

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Is Batman gay, Superman’s penis and some links

Yes, the post title is search engine bait. Meanwhile, the unseasonably hot weather has made me slow and sluggish and teaching an afternoon class of fifth graders that are tiring under the best of circumstances doesn’t really help. I did … Continue reading

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Awards, Deaths and a Trailer

I have been somewhat busy in the past few days, because three different translation clients suddenly needed something translated very urgently over the same long holiday weekend. Plus a random “I should write this some time” short fiction idea has … Continue reading

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Photos: Friesland and the North Sea Coast

As promised, here are some photos from our Ascension Day outing to the North Sea Coast. Among other things, there are views of the town of Jever, the perpetually troubled JadeWeser Port, the Wadden Sea world heritage site and the … Continue reading

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