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Ian McEwan is Clueless about Science Fiction

I have to admit that I never liked Ian McEwan. He always struck me as the sort of white middle class dude novelist who believes that his white middle class dude stories are somehow of universal human relevance. I disliked … Continue reading

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New Release: Alfred and Bertha return in “The Three Quarters Eaten Dessert”

Alfred and Bertha, those crazy kids of the twenty-first century, are back for a new adventure. This time, they are having dinner with their neighbours, the Hoppenstedts – a dinner which quickly escalates into an argument. A bit of background: … Continue reading

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Yet more reactions to the 2015 Nebula Awards Nominees

I already offered my own reactions to the 2015 Nebula nominees in this post and collected some responses from around the web here. Now, for the third post about the 2015 Nebulas, here are some more reactions from around the … Continue reading

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Two Literary Deaths and Some Thoughts on the 2015 Nebula Nominees

It’s been a sad day for the literary world, because on Friday we lost both Harper Lee and Umberto Eco. Of the two, the death of Umberto Eco probably affects me more, because I vividly remember reading (and shuddering at) … Continue reading

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Das Literarische Quartett Reloaded, Take 2, or the State of Literary Programming on German TV

Don’t worry, I’m not planning to review every episode of the revived Literarisches Quartett, a literature discussion program on German TV (For more information about the program in general, see my review of the first episode of the revival here). … Continue reading

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Das Literarische Quartett Reloaded

Hot on the heels of the deaths of Hellmuth Karasek, one third of the original Literarisches Quartett (no, that’s not a typo), came the revival of what was once the preeminent literary program on German TV. So what is Das … Continue reading

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New story available: The Four and a Half Minute Boiled Egg

Regular readers of this blog as well as the Pegasus Pulp blog may recall that I occasionally enjoy doing writing challenges such as the eight hour fiction challenge. The story I want to announce today (which I actually should have … Continue reading

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Mansplaining and Amazon Bashing at Klagenfurt – The Annual Bachmann Prize Post

This year’s Ingeborg Bachmann Prize was somewhat more low-key than usual, probably because everybody’s attention is engaged by the World Cup and it was a hot and tiring weekend in general. For more about the competition read this, this and … Continue reading

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Mid November Linkdump

I’ve been slacking up on the blogging and link collecting, cause I’m very busy at the moment. Nonetheless, I do continue to come across interesting links, so here are some of them. Lots of sex and gender discussion this time … Continue reading

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A Good Cause, Women in SF, the Nobel Prize for Literature and Lost Doctor Who Found

I’m a bit tired today, because a quick excursion to pick up a WiFi repeater and some other stuff turned into an extended odyssey thanks to a traffic jam on the highway that forced me into the East Bremen area … Continue reading

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