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The July Short Story Challenge 2017 – 32 Short Stories in 31 Days

Yes, you read that correctly. I wrote a bonus story for this year’s July short story challenge, so there’s actually 32 stories to come out of the challenge this year. But let’s backtrack a bit. In 2015, Dean Wesley Smith … Continue reading

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Cora guest-blogs elsewhere – and some thoughts on dialogue as characterisation

First of all, I have a guest post in the “Nobody Knew She Was There” series about female SFF writers over on Sarah Ash’s blog today. I talk about the challenges of being a woman from a non-anglophone country who … Continue reading

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An Interview with Cora, a German cinema scandal, vintage German pulp fiction, writing tips and more

First of all, I’ve been interviewed once again and answer 5 questions for authors and talk a bit about Murder in the Family at Randomize Me. You can also find links to other interviews I have done around the web … Continue reading

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Oktoberfest Linkdump

Even though it’s still September, the original Munich Oktoberfest started today with the traditional tapping of the first beer keg by the mayor of Munich and also kicked off the autumn fair season in Germany. Personally, I prefer our own … Continue reading

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Cora enters another new market, some gender discussion, Automat diners and a must-have book

I’ve got another reason to brag, for mere days after cracking the Spanish e-book market I also managed to crack the Italian market by selling a copy of Courier Duty at Amazon.it, which even briefly put me on the respective … Continue reading

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Lover Misshelved

Yesterday, I went to Bremen with my Mom to buy some of those things you can only get in the city centre. It was still unpleasantly hot and I hate going out when it’s hot, but unfortunately I no longer … Continue reading

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Two quick links

I’m a bit tired today, so here are two quick links instead of a full post: First of all, I am interviewed by fantasy and horror author Ty Johnston at his blog today. Of all the interviews I’ve done so … Continue reading

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May Day Links with Bonus Cover

Today was May Day a.k.a. Labour Day, which is a public holiday practically everywhere except for the US. We took the opportunity for a day trip to Celle, a town some 120 kilometers southeast of Bremen. So expect photos of … Continue reading

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More gender discussion and remembering Jean Giraud

The discussion about female characters is still going on with Elisabeth Moon responding to Rose Lemberg and Amal El-Mohtar responding to Elisabeth Moon. Nick Mamatas talks about the perils of the wineglass shaped story. I don’t necessarily agree with his … Continue reading

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Random Post for a Tired Day

Apparently, it’s Read an E-Book Week, so if you’d like to try one of mine, I have plenty available in various genres and at reasonable prices. Of course, I want to publish more e-books. And while I still have a … Continue reading

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