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An Interview and a Link

First of all, I was interviewed today by erotic romance writer Clarissa Wild at her blog. We talk about The Butcher of Spain a.k.a. the book formerly known as El Carnicero. So come on over and say hello. Over at … Continue reading

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Plugs, superfast publishing and a new story: Old Mommark’s Tale

First of all, I have a few links and plugs: I have mentioned Find, Read, Love, a site dedicated to the promotion and discovery of indie e-books, in these pages before. Find, Read, Love just had a great redesign, so … Continue reading

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Doom and gloom predictions, random weirdness and celebrity deaths

First of all, I updated the master list of great German movies available on YouTube. Among other things, I added links to several of the iconic Winnetou adaptions of the mid 1960s, a neat 1970s adventure serial, two more East … Continue reading

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V.C. Andrews – Mistress of the Teen Gothic

There seems to be a V.C. Andrews renaissance of sorts, probably because a new movie has just been announced starring the girl who plays Sally Draper in Mad Men (well, she has the look and she can act). At any … Continue reading

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SFWA drama comes to a conclusion

The ongoing drama about racism and sexism in the SFWA (just read the other posts in the series for an overview, particularly this one) has finally come to a conlusion of sorts. Yesterday, the SFWA posted the official announcement that … Continue reading

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Great German Movies on YouTube

In the comments to my last post, I recommended a bunch of full vintage German movies I found on YouTube to Sherwood. In case somebody else is interested as well, here is the list again, reorganized and expanded a bit. … Continue reading

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Classic German Cinema Rewatch: The Spessart Inn (1958)

The German cinema of the 1950s and early 1960s is usually dismissed as escapist crap. This assessment is grossly unfair (I go a bit more into the reasons here) and causes a lot of the wonderful films to be dismissed … Continue reading

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Holding Back the Flood of Spam

Comment spam has been increasingly problematic for WordPress blogs. In the past few weeks, I have been getting twenty to thirty spam comments per hour. Users mostly never see them, but scanning through and deleting the spam comments (important, because … Continue reading

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A Pop Culture Fatigue Themed Linkdump

First of all, I have been interviewed by Brianna Lee McKenzie at The Cozy Corner Reading Room, so come on over and say hello. I’ve also got a round-up of writerly links and plugs over at Pegasus Pulp. iO9 asks … Continue reading

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Rise of the Valeyard

The BBC has announced who will play the Twelfth Doctor and has chosen Scottish actor Peter Capaldi. Now Capaldi is undoubtedly a fine actor and supposedly a fan. Nonetheless, I think it’s a horrible decision. Part of the reason for … Continue reading

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