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Holding Back the Flood of Spam

Comment spam has been increasingly problematic for WordPress blogs. In the past few weeks, I have been getting twenty to thirty spam comments per hour. Users mostly never see them, but scanning through and deleting the spam comments (important, because … Continue reading

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Booktrailers are back

Okay, so this was quick. The Videos page is back, since I figured out how to upload my two surviving xtranormal trailers to YouTube. In the meantime, I also seem to have acquired a YouTube channel of my own. My … Continue reading

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Booktrailers gone

You may have noticed that the “Videos and Booktrailers” page is gone. I deleted the page, since xtranormal, the 3D animation service I used to make the trailers, has suspended operations as of July 31. I only noticed this because … Continue reading

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“Still Bloody Cold” Linkdump

Well, it is. Tomorrow, there’s even supposed to be snow again. On Maundy Thursday. If you’ve been hanging around this or my other blogs, you may have noticed a few changes. First of all, my posts now have a “Like” … Continue reading

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Help – The Spam Bots are taking over

Like every blog owner, I get a fair amount of comment spam. Site visitors almost never see it, but unfortunately I have to skim it, because occasionally a legitimate comment ends up in the spam bucket. So I’ve seen a … Continue reading

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Some housekeeping and site maintenance

I’ve been doing some housekeeping around the site and want to use this opportunity to point out some of the newer features: First of all, I now have a page for videos and both book trailers also have their own … Continue reading

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Site redesign and a new story: The Apocalypse Protocol

You may have noticed some changes to the site, because with my growing backlist (13 e-books and counting), the old books page was getting crowded. Hence, I now have a new books page with links to genre pages, which in … Continue reading

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Teen drama, some housekeeping and ruminations on Mad Men

My afternoon class today descended into a mess of teen drama complete with kids sulking, running from the classroom, swearing to hate each other forever and so on. No tears at least – thank heavens for small mercies. The initiating … Continue reading

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One Year Blog Anniversary

Or would that be bloggoversary? At any rate, today is the one year anniversary of the new corabuhlert.com blog. Well actually, it was yesterday, but I missed the date in all of the travel uproar. If anybody is wondering what … Continue reading

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Comment Backlog

Yes, I know that I’ve got a backlog of comments and e-mails to be replied to. I’ll get to it, promise, but the past two days have been rather crazy.

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