Teen drama, some housekeeping and ruminations on Mad Men

My afternoon class today descended into a mess of teen drama complete with kids sulking, running from the classroom, swearing to hate each other forever and so on. No tears at least – thank heavens for small mercies.

The initiating spark, as far as I could discern, was a dispute over two Euros as well as two girls in love with the same boy. Ah, teen drama.

In other news, I’ve been tinkering with the backend of both this and the Pegasus Pulp site. The general books page is getting too big to use, so I’m planning on doing individual genre pages linked from the main books page. It’s not ready yet, but expect to see the overhaul soon.

Finally, Matthew Weiner has stated that he plans to end Mad Men in the present day with an eighty-something Don Draper looking back on his life. This means that the show won’t end with Don committing suicide by jumping from the window as seen in the title sequence, which is what I’d always assumed. Unless it’s eighty-something Don who jumps from the window (because the current recession has finally forced the firm to close?) and the umpteen seasons of Mad Men are just Don’s life flashing before his eyes.

Though I must confess that the only reasons why I still watch Mad Men and sit through lengthy segments and entire episodes that only make me go “What the fuck was that all about?” is that I want to know if Don and Peggy eventually end up together.

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