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Happy Snowy Easter

This is the view from my front door at seven AM today. Now, it’s not Christmas but Easter morning. In fact, Christmas was warmer and much greener than this.

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More grimdark fantasy, boring literary fiction, the truth about the Amityville horror and cheese – it’s a Good Friday linkdump

We’re actually having snow for Easter this year, though at least the cold means that there’s no need to open the windows and that I’ll be spared the smoke from the annual Easter fire, a tradition I don’t mind, as … Continue reading

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A Birthday on a Snowy Holy Thursday

Today was Holy Thursday. It was also, coincidentally, my Mom’s birthday. And, as the weather forecast had foretold, it was snowing intermittently, though the snow didn’t stick until temperatures dropped below freezing in the evening. We celebrated my Mom’s birthday … Continue reading

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“Still Bloody Cold” Linkdump

Well, it is. Tomorrow, there’s even supposed to be snow again. On Maundy Thursday. If you’ve been hanging around this or my other blogs, you may have noticed a few changes. First of all, my posts now have a “Like” … Continue reading

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“It’s really cold for spring” Linkdump

Well, it’s true. Because temperatures of six degrees below freezing really aren’t normal for March. Plus, we haven’t had any rain in weeks now. Anyway, here are some links: First of all, there’s yet another entry in the Grimdark debate, … Continue reading

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It’s still very grimdark out there

Even though I’ve been away for a few days, the blogosphere or at least the SFF corner of the blogosphere hasn’t moved on yet, since we’re still discussing grimdark fantasy. So here is a round-up of the latest entries in … Continue reading

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Too Funny Not To Share

Today I was in Bremen and spotted this:

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Halle Photos

And now, as promised, photos of my recent trip to Halle on Saale Lots of beautiful old buildings and some not so beautiful examples of Communist era architecture. Some of the photos were taken while snow was falling and thus … Continue reading

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Back from Halle

I’m back from my excursion to Halle on Saale. Unfortunately, I missed the last three presentations, since I had to leave early, considering I had one of the longer trips home. The return trip took four hours rather than three … Continue reading

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Halle – A Blast from the Past

I’m here in Halle on Saale, enjoying the interesting and varied presentations on a broad spectrum of linguistic topics. My own presentation was on Friday afternoon and everything went well. Apparently, the papers will even be collected in a print … Continue reading

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