About Me

Cora Buhlert So who is Cora Buhlert?

      • I was born April 18, 1973, in Bremen, Germany, where I still live today.
      • I graduated from the University of Bremen with an MA degree in English.
      • I have taught English linguistics at the University of Vechta, technical English at the THW Bundesschule in Hoya and English at a local high school.
      • In 2015, I switched to teaching German as a foreign language and have taught both refugees as well as expats and their families.
      • I am also a professional translator, specializing in technical and legal translation. For more information, go here.
    • Like every second person on the Internet, I consider myself a writer. If you want to know what I’ve written, check the bibliography page or buy my e-books at Amazon.
    • I’m also a three-time Hugo finalist and one time Hugo winner for Best Fan Writer.

    Why is this blog in English, when you’re German?

    • Because I like writing in English and the potential audience is bigger.
    • Like I said above, I currently work as a teacher and I’d like to keep my blogging and my teaching work separate. The blog is in English, which means that my German highschool students won’t be able to read most of it.

    Are some of your books and stories available in German?

    Diese Seite gibt es auch auf Deutsch.